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  1. njackets

    Boxing 2017

    Have people in here changed there opinion on the result of a BJS V Eubank rematch then? I remember being 1 of about 2 or 3 that thought it would go the same way as the 1st.
  2. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    The drunk driver has now been charged with attempted murder and terrorism charges.
  3. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    9 people now in custody linked to the attack.
  4. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    I think it can take up to 20 people to put someone under 24 hour surveillance.
  5. njackets

    Donald Trump

    Unsurprising people seem to have overlooked this post.
  6. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    It was mentioned at least twice on the previous page, it's funny it's only odd when I bring it up in response.
  7. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    I'm willing to bet my left bollock whilst this animal drove into people yesterday and plunged his knife into the Police, there was more of a chance he had 40 Virgins on the back of his mind than the triggering of article 50! But please continue to go on proving my point.
  8. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    The RT article was the first and only article I'd came across, I've checked the BBC's since you posted the Telegraphs and no mention of drink driving in there.
  9. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    If the Referendum result was inspiring people to go round commiting terrorist attacks you'd be the first person I'd be worried about the cry arseing you've done over it! Your post has just proven my point thank you.
  10. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    People moaning about the people who will use the attacks to score political points are doing exactly the same thing in the same post. 'So shit innocent people have died, what an awful world we live in etc' but what about those racists, England fans, Tories, Trump, Brexit' etc etc'
  11. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    According to both reports he tried to kill people by driving into them with his car, he's muslim, he has guns, ammunition and knives in his vehicle 24 hours after an almost identical incident in London. Is he A. A terrorist? B. A drunk driver? Draw your own conclusions...
  12. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    So this was just a muslim drunk driver avoiding a breath test by almost driving into crowds of people on the pavment? He just happened to have guns, ammo and knives in his vehicle as most drunk drivers usually do?
  13. njackets

    'Firearms incident' at Westminster

    Speaking of people trying to score political points out of these attacks.... A person has been detained in Antwerp, Belgium, after attempting to drive his car into a busy shopping street at high speed, according to police. https://www.rt.com/document/58d3cd8bc361888a4f8b45ca/amp OK let's go back to blaming this on the Tories and Brexit!