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  1. redandy

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 15-18)

    My wife couldnt understand why i burst out laughing when Columbia equalised, " why arent you supporting England " she said....i thought about explaining but couldnt be bothered in the end...should just get her too read above.
  2. redandy

    Josemi Off?

    Josemi isnt too bad going forward and looks reasonable on the ball, but his overall defending is scary !!!!!! . In particular its his style of stopping his man that is comical it would not look out of place at Wigan................................. Rugby League Club !!!
  3. redandy

    Warnocks signed new 2 year contract

    I think Rashid has stolen Pauls log in on this thread. Not sure how Josemi was to blame for there goal? I also thought Josemi played O.K . How about Josemi and Traore as centre backs ;) !
  4. redandy

    oh dear dear,...

    Here's a wake up call for you: things aren't as great as everyone seems to think they are! Yes we won the CL. Was it great to watch bar the final? Did we murder Juve or Milan or Chelsea or Olympiakos or anyone except for Leverkusen? The football is just as less impressive now as it was during Greenback's tenure. We're still boring to watch. Some valid points SKEET but can you honestly say that we didnt play Juve off the park for the 1st half and that you found those games boring especially the Juve game.I know from where i was sat it looked like progress!
  5. redandy

    A look back at CL Final

    More tears shed, cant wait for weds night,right now i am really glad UEFA put us in at this stage, thank god the season starts in 34 hours
  6. redandy

    New Music for this month

    Fuckin hell this is scary when you read a thread on music and Robert Plant is the only name you recognise ............... shit am i really gettin that old!!!!!!!
  7. redandy

    United made enquiry for Vicente

    Thanks for putting that on , really enjoyed watching that, the lad is fuckin class.
  8. redandy

    Bloody Manc loving twats!!!

    Any Manc i see ( or any body that will listen) will be reminded that 1 club in this country has won " ol big ears " as many times as the rest of the other 90 odd clubs put together. 5 times European Champions just cant stop saying that over and over. :smile:
  9. My mind and body are totally shot but i cant stop thinking about the serious back tracking to be done by so many journos and ex-players about this magnificent club, i know i shouldnt care but............................ FUCK OFF WORLD 5 TIMES FUCKING COUNT THEM 1 2 3 4 5
  10. redandy

    what a media c*nt

    An email registering my contempt for that has been sent
  11. redandy

    Who's good enough for next season?

    Got to speak up for Garcia here and the accusation of " no heart " on sunday when Nando hit that volley 2 players were in front of the play, 1 stood there admiring the shot the other chased it in hoping for something to drop his way.The 2 players were Garcia and Baros.................. who scored? not the actions of someone with no heart/ commitment/effort or desire.If there is 1 player who i am willing on that little bit more at the moment then it is Garcia cos he does things that are unpredictable, possibly the 1 thing in top flight football that is hardest to defend against. Every time he tries something that doesnt work my shoulders drop cos i know thats more ammo for those that say he is a luzury we cant afford. I agree that he needs to cut it out in our third but his goals and assists are increasing . He is going to give the ball away at times but the good is now statring to outweigh the bad............. so go on little Louis get us on our feet!! (this will probably spell a run of games when he cant pass wind let alone a ball but hey the lad cares just like us)
  12. redandy

    Czech's v Holland

    definately following the Czechs you cant argue with that gut feeling and that "rush" you get when your team scores.Actually caught me by surprise getting that "rush" watching Milan and Vladi playing today.Compare that to the indifference that swept over me during Englands games.Up until tonite i felt like i was wathing a big event but through a glass window,when the rest of the country was inside watching it, as i could nt get involved
  13. redandy

    Kenny to make noises

    totally agree with UTM post, was not sure about Kenny coming back at first, but UTM is right nothing could tarnish his record even if it did not work.Just imagine looking down at the dugouts and seeing Kenny standing there,or reading or hearing in the media reports starting with the words " Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said ....................." ah nostalgia what a wonderful feeling!!
  14. have to agree finnan was woeful today and at fault for their goal.just waiting for ged to claim that the full house for the lap of "honour" was proof of our support and pride at claiming 4th.how many stevie gerrards were on the pitch in the 2cnd half i swear there must have been 3 or4 of him on the park today he was every where!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the right on the left at the back he is truly world class
  15. redandy

    Intensive Driving Courses

    TL- 2 grand is about par i think. Went on my own, but now also have started doing some part 2 training for the company that i trained with.So got the best of both worlds at the mo.