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  1. Maldini

    Mini Derby

    Of course he's not ready for the first team. He's 16 and tiny, it's madness to suggest he is. He's had a couple of games where he hasn't been as spectacular as usual, he's still been one of the best on the pitch in each game. People need to give these players time to develop and keep the pressure off them.
  2. Maldini

    Mini Derby

    You'd think they only started full time training a couple of months ago or something
  3. We get 14/15 points out of that and I'll be very confident about the rest of the season. I still think this squad is capable of greatness, we just need a couple of things to click into place and a couple of results to go our way.
  4. Maldini

    King impression

    He's one of the lads from Apres Match, they did this classic a few years back RcZWhDVbsho
  5. Maldini

    New Press Officer

    Kenny gets slaughtered by numerous gutter-rat journalists and the press officer gets sacked a few days later. I'd be amazed if they're not linked.
  6. Maldini

    Chaos at the Cottage.

    Actually feeling claustrophobic after reading that, reminds me of Athens in '07. You never see it mentioned anymore but that was very close to getting nasty. People around me were off their feet and being carried along by the crowd.
  7. There are only really two viable options as far as I can tell. - Renovate Anfield - Build a new 70k+ stadium. Building a new 60k stadium for £300m, even with some of that being offset by naming rights just doesn't make sense. I think the club know that renovating Anfield (the cheapest option and clearly the one they would prefer) would be a nightmare of residents and bluenoses complaining about every step and dragging them through the courts. I think all the stuff in the press over the last few months is aimed at getting the council to allow planning permission for a larger stadium or to get their fingers out of their arses and help the club force through Anfield expansion. I could be wrong here but I think we're some way from this being resolved, the council haven't a pot to piss in and seem to be trying to force groundshare on us.
  8. Maldini

    Under 18's vs Derby County

    I think this will be a transitional year for the u18s, it's early days but there doesn't seem to be the depth of talent in this group as there was last year. The 2nd years who couldn't get in the side last year aren't making that much of an impact at the moment (Morgan aside) and need to show an example for the younger guys. Baio, Lussey and Dunn have impressed out of the first years. It'll probably be the second half of the season before we see the best of this side. Having said that, they're victims of their own success. You throw Robinson, Smith, Sterling, Suso and Silva (who are all still eligible) into the squad and it's a hell of a lot stronger.
  9. Maldini

    LFC buy Father Dougal?

    Never off the phone to him apparently
  10. Maldini

    England U21 Squad

    Barkley's a very good player, done well all through the age groups with England.
  11. Maldini

    u 16s in Switzerland

    Jerome Sinclair was named player of the tournament
  12. Maldini

    LFC TV

    No, although there are ways to record a video of what's on your screen. El Pistolero on YouTube rips stuff from there the whole time.
  13. Maldini

    Special 1 Tv

    You should check out Gift Grub on Irish radio station Today FM if you like it, it's the same guy Mario Rosenstock. Higher ratio of funny skits but a lot of them would have an Irish angle.
  14. Maldini


    Yeah, he's only about 16, been on trial with the u18s in recent weeks.