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  1. KopOut

    The Future Economy

    The truth is out there. Food for thought, and are we really wasting our time with renewable energy from solar & wind??? "Germany’s Renewable Energy Nightmare – Wind & Solar Deemed ‘Ecological Disasters’ https://stopthesethings.com/2018/08/14/germanys-renewable-energy-disaster-part-2-wind-solar-deemed-ecological-disasters/
  2. I'll chuck this here as well: "the four factors which are bringing down the curtain on growth The economy as we know it is facing a lethal confluence of four critical factors – the fall-out from the biggest debt bubble in history; a disastrous experiment with globalisation; the massaging of data to the point where economic trends are obscured; and, most important of all, the approach of an energy-returns cliff-edge." https://www.tullettprebon.com/documents/strategyinsights/tpsi_009_perfect_storm_009.pdf
  3. From 2014. Just as pertinent today. https://www.oxford-royale.co.uk/articles/british-energy-policy.html
  4. From 2009. Has anything changed? "We have squandered a 200 year legacy for the sake of 20 years of additional margin. Our actions and motives are questionable; sadly the results are not." https://www.oxford-royale.co.uk/articles/west-economy-misbalanced-services-manufacturing.html
  5. Pleased for him. He’s definitely worth keeping and will shine in the right game, with the right combination in midfield. Not Captain material though is he?
  6. KopOut

    Happy to let Gomez make his mistakes at LFC?

    I’m referring to that particular situation re: Becker fuck-up. Not speaking generally. For whatever reason he got that whole sequence of his play wrong. I was doing the dishes thinking “75 million. 75 million.”
  7. KopOut

    Happy to let Gomez make his mistakes at LFC?

    My mistake - on closer inspection, it was Robertson who covered a shit load of ground to get to the far post. Gomez was at the near post.
  8. KopOut

    Happy to let Gomez make his mistakes at LFC?

    While Van Dijk was inanely caught in no-mans land after his horrendous back pass to Becker - literally rooted to the centre of goal, unable to react to anything going on around him - Gomez was like lightning trying to stop the actual shot from going in. No defender is perfect, but Gomez is going to be great cover for the slow ponderous VVD this season. Thank christ we’ve got him.
  9. KopOut

    Roberto Firmino

    What’s special about the Firmino, Mane & Salah synergy, is that one of them always steps up when the other two are maybe ‘not quite on song’ Salah missed a sitter today - I actually wonder he didn’t take it with his right foot - but there was Mane with a perfect finish. In another game, it might have been the reverse. Firmino’s efforts in the first half, generally, bore no fruit, however, we were still 1-0 up - then bingo - 2-0 - everything comes together from the corner. That’s quality. Out of the three today, Mane probably shone - but equally we’ve seen Firmino and Salah step up when Mane’s not quite had it together. I remember a certain Torres have quiet games only to puncture the net with a perfect shot at the right moment and change everything. This game was not Firmino’s usual top notch effort, but he’s a vital part of the striking chemistry that I wouldn’t see us without.
  10. KopOut

    Alisson Becker

    Apparently the Moon is made of Pistachio icecream as well.
  11. Out of that whole sequence, who wasn’t shit? Nobody. Total cost about 200 million quid.
  12. Top of the shit heap after 4. Considering we’ve been poor in 75% of our games so far, it bodes well. Hope Leicester enjoyed their goal: between Becker, VVD and Hendo, it cost the club close to 200 million quid to give it to them.
  13. KopOut

    Alisson Becker

    Going to be interesting watching the season unfold. Klopp was clearly not happy with our 2nd half defensive performance. A repeat of the Brighton game.
  14. KopOut

    Alisson Becker

    Imagine a world, where everyone held the same opinion.