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That was the Week that Was (Jun 26-30 2023)



Monday Jun 26:


I was thinking today, what the fuck happened to all the investment talk? Remember when we were getting daily reports about this company or that company looking to buy a piece of the club (or the whole lot)? It's been months since I saw anything. I think that probably means something is either agreed or close to being agreed. If it wasn't, we'd be getting all kinds of stories about potential investors. Whatever is going on, it was probably sorted months ago. 


FSG probably don't want anyone to know as they're worried it would put the prices up on potential signings. Far fetched? Maybe, but it seems more realistic than the notion that nobody wants a piece of us. It makes no sense that it's all gone so quiet, unless something is in the works.


Meanwhile, I watched Rocky 4 with Adrianna tonight. We’ve watched the other three movies over the past few weeks and she’s enjoyed them, but this one was her favourite. Mine too. I’m not saying it’s the best Rocky movie as that’s probably the first one, but this is by far the one I enjoy the most. It was interesting watching with Adrianna though, as she didn’t grow up with these movies so sees them from a completely different perspective than I do. 


She didn’t know Apollo died but began to see it coming. She asked me if he dies and I said no comment. Then she said “oh he can’t die as there are Creed movies” and seemed quite pleased with herself. Next thing ‘Young Sherlock’ is crying and demanding to know why Drago wasn’t charged with murder because he dragged the ref away and continued the fight after it had been stopped. I hadn’t ever considered that, but it’s a fair point.


Anyway, she loved Apollo so that was a tough one (for me too, always makes me emotional that) but she soon got back into it when Rocky arrived in Russia for his training. The funny thing is I’ve always told her that Rocky ended the Cold War, so without seeing the movie she just assumed that was the case. She’s been doing the Cold War in her GCSE History though and she mentioned in class how she’d heard that Rocky helped bring it to an end. The teacher made no comment, presumably as it was one of those things that sounds so outlandish that it might be true, so best steer clear avoid the risk of looking foolish. Thankfully she didn’t write about it in her exam paper.


Let’s be real though, he did end the Cold War. That “everybody can change” speech made everyone stop and think. It’s not a co-incidence things de-escalated after that. In fact, all this shit going on with Russia now could have been avoided if Stallone hadn’t been blackballed from the latest Creed movie. Which was fucking shit by the way. Making a Rocky movie without Rocky, yeah that’s gonna work. Fucking morons.

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3 hours ago, Nunavut Patrick said:

I’m pretty sure the Rocky statue’s plinth in Philadelphia is made from pieces of the Berlin Wall as a homage and reminder of how he ended the Cold War. 


Wish I'd told Adrianna that before she sat her GCSE paper.

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