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  2. redhawk616

    Fixtures 2021/22

    This upcoming season, they've actually put some nice games in the time range (March - April) I would normally come to Europe to watch some football whilst on annual leave In the 2019/20 season, the best I got was West Ham & Bournemouth plus Atlectico in the Champions League If I could go this season, I would get filth utd on March 19 plus the Ev on April 23, plus the QF of the Champions League and maybe even the SF of the Champions League Oh well, looks like the its the 2022/23 season for me
  3. redhawk616


    I understand this thread mainly discusses covid 19 in the UK, but for something different, this is what has been happening in my home town of Melbourne Melbourne accounts for 70% of all infections and 90% of deaths in Australia (over 30K cases and 910 deaths) this is due to an outbreak in July – October of 2020, were daily transmissions reached a peak into the 700s What caused this outbreak was the poor maintenance of hotel quarantine and aged care facilities protocols During those months, not only were in lockdown, but we were under a curfew from 21.00 to 05.00, plus we were restricted to travel no more than 5 kilometers (3 miles) from home I’ve been to some dodgy places in the world, were curfews occur, but the last place I thought I would ever encounter my first ever curfew would be in Melbourne Since that outbreak in July/October, we have gone about 150 out of the last 200 days without transmission with minor outbreaks in January and earlier this month (both outbreaks the daily transmissions reached up to a dozen) In my postcode, which numbers over 23K, only 28 people have contracted covid, in the neighboring postcode, also with over 23K residence, only 41 people have contracted covid, So out of almost 47K people a total of 69 have contracted covid, in the area within a 5 mile radius of me, no deaths Also, in the whole of 2021, only ONE person had died of covid in the whole of Australia I would imagine at least ¾ quarters of the world’s population, were the numbers are much more horrendous than ours, would take those numbers, yet whenever someone here gets a sniffle, they send us into lockdown With these numbers in mind, under the bio emergency act, we have been barred from travelling overseas since March 17, 2020 The current travel restrictions are in place until September 17 and with 98% surety, this will be extended out to December 17 I understand you lads should be able to travel towards the end of July, I hope you enjoy yourselves, as I’m going to have to wait until sometime in 2022 One final note, in March our Aussie rules season kicked off Up until the most recent outbreak, we were allowed 75% capacity for our stadia, which is 75K for the MCG and 40K for Dockland stadium We never reached those capacities, but we were getting attendances between 40 to 70K
  4. redhawk616

    Greatest 80s Movie - Group A

    The Princess Bride & Once Upon a Time in America
  5. redhawk616

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    An interesting side note to all of this Who is going to want to do transfer business with Liverpool now For example, it's been speculated that Liverpool are interested in Leeds player Raphina Even if Liverpool offered 100 million pound, Leeds might tell Liverpool to do one as we are now forever cast as one of the dirty dozen At the end of the day, however, money talks and bullshit walks...
  6. redhawk616

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I don't think Qatar fly to South America from Melbourne It would have to be with Air New Zealand, Aerolinas Agrentina or LATAM
  7. redhawk616

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I've been searching this thread looking for an explanation as to how or when spurs became a top 6 side They've only won 2 titles, the last of which was 60 years ago The same goes for shiity and chelski, when did they became a top 6 side Before they got their blood money, they had only won 1 & 2 titles respectively If it wasn't for the blood money, they'd be yo yo team like WBA, who have 1 title to their name Leeds, for example have 3 titles and at least 1 of them is a premier league title, same as Blackburn Then there's the Ev & Villa who have won more titles than shiity and chelski If you're going to do a super league, at least involve the teams with extensive pedigree, not only in their home league but in Europe also such as Ajax, ahead of the new money mongrel teams like shiity and chelski Also, if this league were to proceed, I could see it becoming pretty boring pretty quickly within 20 years, so the next level is to make it a World Super League, involving teams from South America This I wouldn't mind, as I could make quite a holiday out of it I'd travel from Melbourne to Buenos Aries to watch the Pool play Boca Juniors, then go to Patagonia for a week before the next game day fixture between Flamengo v Barca, before finishing my holiday in Machu Picchu prior to heading back to Melbourne
  8. redhawk616

    Instant cunt identifiers

    This is a long thread, so someone might have mentioned it already People who don't indicate when changing lanes I don't know the law in England, but in Australia, it's a blanket rule, if you hit someone from behind, even if they jack knife in front of you and don't indicate, it's YOUR fault So not only can cunts change lanes without impunity, the cunt law protect them as well
  9. redhawk616

    Unique words in pop song lyrics

    Not a pop song, but the Australian national anthem There is a line in there that goes "girt" by sea This is a shirt definition of girt = to bind or encircle I guess it would sound strange if you sang bind or encircle by sea