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  1. Carra's_comb_over

    How does your garden grow?

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of information please. For the past few years I've grow a few autoflower weed plants out in the back garden in a plastic greenhouse from argos, my problem is slugs and snails seem to eat at least half my plants and with the summer not to far off I'm planning my next grow. Ive been doing research on slug and snail control. Does copper tape around the pots actually work? Any advice would be sound and very appreciated I tried beer pots but not with enough success
  2. Carra's_comb_over

    This Paul Grange cunt...

    caughtoffside headline Paul Grange trends worldwide as sick Hillsbrough troll is punished by Liverpool's Lilt-obsessed vigilantes thats a fuckin boss headline http://footballburp.com/jokes/the-best-paul-grange-jokes-and-scheduled-deliveries-after-hillsborough-t-shirt-wearer-outed-online/ you should see some of the shit he's been sent, '30x Clown Fish on their way to Paul Grange's home'
  3. Carra's_comb_over


    https://youtu.be/6lWqH99xUEc how do you add a youtube vid? I cant work it out, all I can do is add a link sorry for being stoopid !!!
  4. Carra's_comb_over


    I think McGregor now realises what he's got himself into 170ibs fight with Nate Diaz., Nate will have a full camp and give him another hiding. I recently watched an interview with Dan Henderson, he was asked if he likes Mcgregor, he said he likes him as a fighter but can't stand the crap he comes out with. Dan said he won't have a chance against a full camp Nate Diaz. Dan said McGregor has to fight at 170lbs because if he gets beat then thats the end of that division for him If the fight was at 155lbs (which is what Nate wants) and he gets beat, then there is no chance of him fighting for a belt at 155lbs I've watched the McGregor - Diaz fight so many times now and I just cant see McGregor having any chance at all Mcgregor lost that fight even before it started, he shit himself when they squared up at a press conference and shit himself at the weigh ins. I hope the fight does happen I'm a massive fan of the Diaz brothers and I hope Nick gets his head together and makes a return also, Dan's knockout of Bisping was fuckin brutal !!!!
  5. Carra's_comb_over

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    this is a subject that really gets on my tits (cancer research uk/charities) years ago i worked in a call center and one of the calls was for cancer research uk did you know 70% of your donation goes to 'admin'? this includes salaries/wages. America, Spain and Canada (just to name a few) have proven medical research/backup that shows cannabis oil kills tumours, cannabis oil kills the arteries to the tumour, thus no blood supply. The last I read there was 37 independant reports to back this up. Its even stated that within 24hours of ingestion of cannabis oil upto 98% of breast cancer will be killed. Tommy Chong even cured his prostate cancer with cannabis oil so why isn't cancer research uk pushing for cannabis oil to be trialled in the UK? Like Chris Rock say's, 'there's no money in a cure' if you get diagnosed with cancer (and I hope no one ever does) get a grow tent, make your own or move to a country that takes cancer serious. sorry all, but I couldn't help that rant !!!
  6. Carra's_comb_over

    Aston Villa (h) 26/9/15

    Kodi is boss IPPTV box you can get any streams you want movies, series, sports
  7. Carra's_comb_over

    Aston Villa (h) 26/9/15

    try this one, seems really good so far Antenasport.com/publish2.html
  8. Carra's_comb_over

    United v Liverpool - match thread

    Fuckin hope not
  9. Carra's_comb_over

    Is Klopp another Rodgers?

    Rodgers improved Suarez my arse. Serial winner leaves and side with shit players and shit manager becomes shit shocker. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AFuKkM-tqN0
  10. Carra's_comb_over

    Backing the manager

    so the owners said they would tolerate a slow start of the season, I can understand that, new players and such but when you have a combination fee of 70 million playing up front and the only real shot on target against West Ham was a 30 yarder from Lovren, how long will they tolerate this shite?
  11. Carra's_comb_over

    Favorite Thread in Which to Slam Rodgers

    Match day threat for me, just to see how wound up people get over rodgers
  12. Carra's_comb_over

    Changing what team you support

    I grew up on the Bootle - Kirky boarder, that shop was boss, Zeto's chippy which was on Marsh Lane next to the Solly his son George has a chippy there now. there was another one of them shops outside Seaforth train station, I remember that shop to be even wackier, fuckin hell, things you remember as a kid, and as a kid, we has a couple of turn coats in are street
  13. Carra's_comb_over

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    not code mate, like I said, I joined yesterday
  14. Carra's_comb_over

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    Hi all, i've been a long time reader of this site and decided to sign up yesterday. I choose not to put up a response during and just after the game as emotions were high but I'm fuckin sick of the sight of him now, I can't listen to his shite anymore. I hate being like this, the only manager who I was glad to see the back of was Hodgeson. FSG need to sort this out and soon