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  1. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 30 - May 2 2022)

    Dwight McNeil is currently on 0 goals and 1 assist in 34 league games this season. Dwight Downing
  2. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 1-3 2022)

    How many games have Xhaka ruined for Arsenal with a red card or a penalty conceded now? He's got to be closing in on David Luiz' record now surely
  3. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 10-16 2021)

    Dave, did you see Arteta kicking off at Martinelli when he went down injured outside the touchline against West Ham? He yelled at him, picked him back up and forced him to go on to the pitch again and lay down there to waste time. Martinelli was clearly in real agony and had to be subbed off, so that was hella funny. Proper shithousery by Arteta
  4. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 4-6 2021)

    You've spotted that Josh Sargent well. He's crap
  5. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 22-24 2021)

    That Tom Davies looks like he's never had a shower in his life. If he wasn't playing football he'd be barefoot in the forest hugging trees
  6. Through Ball

    Manchester United 0 Liverpool 5 (Oct 24 2021)

    "There was an element of “stop hitting them, they’re already dead” about this. The thing is though, I’d have been kicking that corpse until my feet hurt. Then I’d have pissed on it, set it on fire, and then pissed on the ashes. This is Manchester United. I wanted to absolutely destroy them" That's the truest words I've ever read. I may just make this my first ever tattoo
  7. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 28-29 2021)

    Thanks man! I'm not glad he's not doing videos at the minute though. It would have been the icing on the cake everytime Arsenal lose
  8. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 28-29 2021)

    I'd love to hear DT's thoughts on Arsenal these days, but I haven't found him on Arsenal Fan TV so far this season. Troopz is over in America or something as well, doesn't feel quite the same
  9. That Ethan Ennis who left us to join United can fuck right off. The last youngster I can remember who left us for United was Scott Wootton, and I’ll never forget his name as long as I live. Fuck him too
  10. Through Ball

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Semi Finals)

    No mention of Thiago's penalty? That was as alpha as you'd like. He pretty much just bossed it into the corner
  11. Through Ball

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Round of 16)

    Belgium went full on retro mode with that three man back line of Alderweireld, Vermaelen and Verthongen. That was probably their back line in Euro 2004 as well
  12. Through Ball

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Days 1-3)

    Haha, yeah, I think that was the moment I realized he really is a tool, although the signs were already there
  13. Through Ball

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Days 1-3)

    Reportedly Arnautovic's celebration was directed towards Alioski, so it was probably justified. That Alioski acts like a total cunt anytime I see him play, whether it be for Leeds or North Macedonia, he's always more interested in winding up opponents than actually playing
  14. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-30 2020)

    Did I miss your change of heart on Bamford, Dave? I could have sworn you had a beef with him when he played for Middlesbrough
  15. Through Ball

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Semifinals)

    Dave, what ever happened to that podcast you used to do with Numbers?