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  1. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-30 2020)

    Did I miss your change of heart on Bamford, Dave? I could have sworn you had a beef with him when he played for Middlesbrough
  2. Through Ball

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Semifinals)

    Dave, what ever happened to that podcast you used to do with Numbers?
  3. Through Ball

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 15-18)

    I guess you really hope the russian team are on the drugs now, Dave, as I’m sure nothing will please you more than to see Sergio Ramos lose to cheating
  4. Through Ball

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 14-15)

    Uruguay - Portugal is going to be a proper snidefest
  5. Through Ball

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 7-10)

    Edinson Cavani is still running around being an absolute fraud. Mesut Özil too, but Joachim Löw finally came to his senses and dumped him
  6. Through Ball

    Featured: That was the week that was (Mar 10-16 2018)

    Not only did Brazil prefer Fred and Jo to Diego Costa in 2014 - they also chose Oscar in the playmaker role and left Coutinho at home. I really expect to see Vágner Love this time around.
  7. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 10-12 2018)

    You're right, Mesut Özil is a fucking waster. And you're right, Edinson Cavani is an absolute fraud. I'm not too sure Higuain is a fraud though.. Seeing Charlie Adam's attempt to reach the rebound from his own missed penalty kick, I now actually have him as the slowest player in the league, pushing Laurent Depoitre down to 2nd.
  8. Through Ball

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2 (Feb 4 2018)

    "Moss was conned, so now it should therefore be a three game ban. Won’t happen though. It’s easy for the FA to make an example of an African playing for little old Everton, or a South American at West Ham. England’s golden boy though? Not a fucking chance they do anything to the big chinned slobbering cunt." Reading this reminded me how the FA shat themselves at the thought of punishing Alan Shearer after he kicked Neil Lennon's face in
  9. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 30-31 2018)

    Earlier in the season I was pretty sure either Joselu or Jordan Ayew was the worst striker in the Premier League. Now I'm pretty sure it's Joselu.
  10. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 29-30)

    My three favorite Arsenal Fan TV characters: 1. D.T. 2. Troopz 3. Kelechi I'm norwegian, so I don't know what Blood and Fam means, but I know I can't get enough of it
  11. Through Ball

    Liverpool 3 Everton 1 (Apr 1 2017)

    It's a shame it wasn't Funes Mori or at least Ross Barkley on the receiving end of that leg breaker tackle during the international break, and not Seamus Coleman. That's just positive proof that karma doesn't exist.
  12. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 4-4 2017)

    Sam Allardyce not fit to wear the shirt... That's the most literal chant I've ever heard
  13. Through Ball

    Southampton 0 Liverpool 0 (Nov 19 2016)

    Seeing Shane Long come on as a sub reminded me that I hate him and his stupid ass gum chewing. The only player who could rock playing football and chewing gum at the same time was Cafu. Sadio Mane can do it too, but only because he plays for us now. Last season he couldn't. Carlo Cudicini also used to chew gum. Remember when we lost 4-0 at Stamford Bridge and Carlo Cudicini got man of the match?? He even saved a Gary McAllister pen in that one. Prick.
  14. Through Ball

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 22-23 2016)

    I really feel I need to debunk a couple of things now: People keep saying that Anthony Martial is all that, but I can't help but recognize that he is behind Andre Pierre Gignac at France and that he is behind Jesse Lingard at Man United. So he really can't be all that. Another thing people keep saying that isn't right concerns Jesus Navas. I think everybody agrees that he's crap at Manchester City, but for some reason people tend to add "but he was good at Sevilla though". No he wasn't. I watched quite a lot of Sevilla at the time because they indeed had a lot of good players, Daniel Alves, Diego Capel, Luis Fabiano and Frederic Kanoute to name some. Jesus Navas however was never good.
  15. Through Ball

    All Time Barcelona XI

    I can only mention players I've seen for myself, that's how it is: Valdes Alves - Puyol - Márquez - Alba Xavi Iniesta - Rivaldo Messi - Suárez - Ronaldinho Bear in mind how young I am.