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  1. Everything time he pulls me near I just wanna cheer Let’s hear it for the boy Maybe he’s no Romeo but he’s my lovin’ one man show Id be gutted if he played for the mancs
  2. I think I said 30 Im not pivoting at all. He needs to finish more absolutely. Mo has scored a shitload not as a 9. What he does he does so well. Makes me wanna yell. Let’s hear it for the boy
  3. But you’re expecting number 9 goals. Even though it’s the number on his back under Klopp we don’t play with a central focus. He’s scored plenty this season. I’d like more yeah of course but compare his other stuff to other players and there’s a better player. Salah gets games because we know he gets goals. He doesn’t do much for a team unless he’s given the ball to go and shoot.
  4. He cost us the game today by being fucking shit.
  5. Any of you Isreal defenders wanna explain why the West Bank is being attacked? Thought not.
  6. All you do is moan. Put the methylated spirits down and have a roast
  7. “at the risk of sounding like a broken record” Quite magnificent
  8. 1 nil up just whacked one off the frame of the goal. Consoling myself with watching Xabi smile Win this and it’s the title
  9. We don’t play a traditional number 9 anyway. People want him to be Pele, Haaland and Shearer all rolled into one. It would be nice if he scored more like.
  10. It was aimed at the ever negative cunts who seem like they prefer us to lose so they can moan and/or say I told you so.
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