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  1. Quoting myself. Never any reply to that, they were pretty vocal at the time were Liverpools 'saviours' haha. The ART, to coin an expression, what pricks they were :D .
  2. Sacking Rodgers too early, what exactly has he won these past few years ( how many years by the way ) . Compare it with other managers who've been recently sacked ( say past ten years). I d say a decent description would be...Hodgsonesque. Defend it if you can.
  3. Who were those people on here that actually made a claim to getting rid of Gillette and hicks, one a dougie fella the other an atk or whatever his name was. Earned money from it if I recall .
  4. :rolleyes: Why thank you Bjornebye :), you out of town Scandinavian cunt :D
  5. Haven't posted on here for a few years ( I don't think ), since it changed its layout I think. Anyway, just a fleeting one. Since this site harboured the esteemed 'ART' it would be interesting to ask opinion on how it's gone since :rolleyes:....Was that decision right to get rid of the current Madrid manager.....in favour of the current England manager :huh:. How's it gone since, it's certainly five plus years now, goes fast doesn't it. Do you think we have a better manager than Rafa, has the club progressed since he was forced out ( no matter what the European rankings state ), were the ART right :D...ahem.
  6. Don't know if this fellas claim is right, but if it is....... http://footballisfixed.blogspot.co.uk/
  7. @LFCTS: Tony Barrett - Sakho and Ilori will arrive for medical on Merseyside tomorrow after Liverpool agreed £18m fee with PSG and £7m with Sporting Have no idea whether that's adding anything to the thread, also have no idea what they're like
  8. LFC have started talks to sign Mamadou Sakho (tweet Tony Barrett,The Times). probably go to spurs but what he like?
  9. Think it was mourinho a few years back, playing one of rafas teams, saying with his central defenders out it was obvious that we’d play crouch and kuyt and they’d be battered. And they were. (Can't remember which game specifically). Skrtel and kolo possibly out, who in back four for this weekend, Gerrard maybe at right / right centre?
  10. Ronnie Moran - back at Melwood - Liverpool FC Dunno where to post, watched this last night on LFC TV, thought was good.
  11. Agree but Lucas wasn't a weak link, not for seventy minutes of that game, he was good. Would wonder why he faded later as the lad has completed a full pre-season, but think you're being harsh. I just wish the owners would take off the fiscal shackles to an extent, let Rodgers have a chance of signing players he wants. It's only early and six from six is great, I think he’s capable of doing very good things here given backing.
  12. Apparently, in his latest piece in the Mail tomorrow, Dignity Dave saying that Everton should let Baines and Fellaini go for the good of their careers haha.
  13. Well fuck me, I wouldn't have thought that. I'd take a local support anyday, but it's not that anymore.
  14. Slightly off topic, reading xerxes faux take on things. Axiomatic, there are kids around here who wouldn’t know the meaning of that but they would be vastly better supporters to the likes of fella that posted it, and in the coming years the club will pay. Read a bit tonight about the support, people walking out when the pen got given, although to be fair it seemed not bad on the telly. I don’t go now, can’t afford it. Just thinking, If we could split the kop say, supporters from now, with supporters from the eighties. I reckon our eighties lads would put the current to shame.
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