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  1. Aldonose

    Palace away, 12.30, 31st March

    Same mate. Horrible place to go. Similar to Stoke under Pullis. I think it'll feel like more than just 3 points.
  2. Aldonose

    Palace away, 12.30, 31st March

    They're all big games now I suppose, but it just feels like a massive game for us.
  3. Aldonose

    Palace away, 12.30, 31st March

    It's massive. Chelsea playing Tottenham on the Sunday as well.
  4. Aldonose

    Mario Balotelli

    Balotelli is just an awful signing for us. But then he was exactly that before he signed. It's not his fault we've got the most lazy, unimaginative scouts in the top flight is it?
  5. To be honest fella, I just feel privileged that I've witnessed probably the greatest players and sides to represent our club. It's gutting that I couldn't share a title win with any of my 3 kids. Still time....
  6. Clemence Jones Hyppia Hansen Kennedy Gerrard Souness© Alonso Barnes Suarez Rush
  7. Aldonose


    Yeah. They've actually seen him in the prem, basically doing what he's doing now, and they still fucking bought him!
  8. I think when you take into account how funds were squandered in the summer, I think they'd be well within their rights to not open up the cheque book. Markovich being a prime example. Whether he's up to it or not, who'd know?
  9. I think this is probably the biggest thing that does my head in about him. He just brushes it off like conceding goals is a minor thing. It's fucking not. I loved how we attacked last season, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn't win you trophies. I think he's dismissive of our defensive problems because he's struggling to fix it.
  10. Reading his post match comments he's fucking deluded. If (not even a big if) we keep conceding goals like we are, and carry on attacking in the same uncoordinated, toothless way, theirs only one place we're heading for.
  11. Aldonose

    The Never Rated Rodgers Thread

    I couldn't even say with 100% certainty that I don't rate him. Don't know what the fuck is going on.
  12. Aldonose

    The Never Rated Rodgers Thread

    Total roller coaster of emotions with Rodgers for me. I was gutted he got the job. Thought he was a massive cock. After the first January I thought he was a progressive manager who learns fast. I ignored the fact that I thought he was a smarmy twat because he was producing a great attacking team. He totally won me over last season. I now feel totally gutted. Whether you want to face the reality or not, we're regressing badly. I'm desperate for him to succeed. The attacking football we played last season was breathtaking at times. I've been watching Liverpool for nearly 40 years, and you see the same signs when a manager is struggling. Grasping at straws in post match interviews, baffling selections and being totally stubborn by continually picking certain players.
  13. Fucking hell, it gets harder every week. Coutinho Lambert Lallana.