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  1. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Ye time wasting for the whole second half. just like wolves poxy negative shite tactics.
  2. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Hahaha you couldn’t write this so far. Whoever’s doing the VAR must be drunk not giving a red card in the first half & the drawing of the lines for that last offside was hilarious
  3. Hahaha I was losing the plot at that stage. I could take the defeat to West Ham we didn’t play well they did and they’d plenty of chances you can take a defeat and move on. Not winning that game today after the chances we had and the time wasting and pricking around they did would have been much harder to take. What a way to win when they’d added all that extra time on themselves.
  4. VVD getting booed last night was a special kind of twisted logic.
  5. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Its a real concern Salah hasn't had his contract situation sorted yet. My Emre Can - Gini senses are tingling...
  6. If he gets sacked soon he needs to make sure he gets the biggest red Xmas tree he can find and put it all over social media
  7. I think most of them were back home online and posting after 25 mins of the first half
  8. Can’t believe after how dominant we’ve been the game is not out of sight. this second half has a red card written all over it - any one of their players could get it - Thiago for us looks like the ref could send him off the next time he makes a mis timed tackle
  9. Klopp has previous of making mad team selections in the derby. Oirgi to start out of nowhere bags a couple of goals and disappears for the rest of the season.
  10. Yep. Id say they thought after the international break a good win against Watford get back in contention for top 4 and the current expectations of the board will be met. Once they got thumped again it was panic stations. If they were being run properly first he wouldn't have got the job permanently and second he should have been sacked over the international break. They are as badly run off the pitch as they are on it. Long may it continue.
  11. Great pod lads keep it up. and I thought Dave had the most contempt for Arsenal I’d come across until I listened to Jules in this. Great stuff.
  12. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    It’s amazing just how bad the Manchester have managed the club since fergie retired. the amount of money they’ve spent is off the charts - numerous managers each one funnier than the next. A couple of trophies nothing significant at all. They had an opportunity to sack Ole get a winner in with Conte delayed decided to stick with home come back after the international break where the other clubs have made a transition of a new manager during that time. now it looks like he’ll be sacked but they’ve literally no plan or identity anymore apart from having money to throw at players. Long may it continue.
  13. Who's due to miss this ? Do the Brazil lads have to quarantine like last time they were away with the national team ?
  14. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Certainly FSG have tried hard to make this an option...doesnt seem to be working so far
  15. Mark M

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    Its Barry Davies for me all day long. I'm sure Dave U will vote for his pal Motty....
  16. Mark M

    Roy Keane

    I find the same when I've seen old clips of Carra as a young player he sounds a lot different
  17. Mark M

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    I think its a strange move - Whats a successful 2 half years for Gerrard at villa ? Whats the expectations of the fans & the board ?Is it a top 10 finish - Europa League ?
  18. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Only just got around to watching Motd 2 couldnt have been arsed last night. What a fucking dreadful tackle by Holgate that was.
  19. Mark M

    Roy Keane

    When he gets In full flow it seems nobody is off limits he has a pop off everyone - at one point he had a dig at us having "just the one league title in 30 years" in a typical sneery Keane response. I suppose the only value Richards offers is the fact he talks so much nonsense it gets Keane pissed off enough to start having a go at everyone.
  20. Mark M

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    We haven't even tied Salah down to an improved deal yet. Theres zero chance we sign Hazard on the money he'd be looking for.
  21. Alison was clearly shite yesterday - West Ham though showed why they are the best in the league from set pieces. They have some big crocks & the delivery from the corners in particular was brilliant.
  22. Certainly City seem to be dropping silly points - Chelsea have looked very strong and only Burnley at home is the only bad result so far for them and with Lukaku due back they are looking pretty strong. We're only 4 points off them with Salah and Mane available - the few games we have when they are away at the AFCON is a real concern now as our squad depth is piss poor after a brilliant first 11. I might be overly pessimsitc but its hard not to see that gap vs Chelsea increasing as with pretty much our full side available we've dropped really bad points against Brentford and Brighton.
  23. A break would be great for both. But they’ll play every minute of the matches they’ve been called up for unfortunately