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  1. Skrtel Milk

    Arsenal (H) 24/8/19 Premier League

    Lest we forget; Arsenal won the last quarter 0-1.
  2. Skrtel Milk

    Alberto Moreno

  3. Skrtel Milk

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I don't know anything about this Fernandes guy. Is he an option to Salah or Mane? If not, why would we consider him? If Milner is staying, we have these options for a 4-3-3 midfield: Attacking midfield (two spots) : Henderson, Keita, Oxlade, Milner, Lallana, Gini, Shaquiri (?) Defensive midfield (one spot): Fabinho, Henderson, Gini We need options for the wingers and the full backs, not another attacking midfielder. As long as we don't sell anyone metioned above.
  4. Skrtel Milk

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

  5. Skrtel Milk

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    At last..
  6. Let's just hope he pass the ball when he should.
  7. Skrtel Milk

    Barcelona (A) Champions League 1/5/19

    Robertson deliberateley put his elbow into Suarez' chest. Lots of our players would have reacted the same way.