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  1. Skrtel Milk

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Looks photoshopped to me.
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    https://twitter.c https://twitter.com/footbalIfights/status/1208404768751849476 om/footbalIfights/status/1208404768751849476 https://twit https://twitter.com/footbalIfights/status/1208404768751849476 ter.com/foo tbalIfights/status/1208404768751849476
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    Andrew Robertson

  4. Skrtel Milk

    Brighton (H) Premier League - 30/11/19 - 15:00

    I think Jeff Winter wanted Fowler to score againt Man. Utd in 2004: "Go, Robbie! Go!!"
  5. The time is 15:11pm on Wednesday 6th March, 2019 - a brave man decides to hit send on a Twitter post he thought would never become reality. "Should Manchester United turn it around to go further today, I will get the face of Solskjær in a steering wheel. Zero chance." These were the words of Tor Henrik Stensland, who decided that should his side turn it around against Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes, he would indeed get a tattoo. Around five hours later, in an incredible turn of events, Manchester United would later progress to the Champions League quarter-finals after a dramatic comeback against Thomas Tuchel's side. Romelu Lukaku scored a brace and THAT last gasp penalty from Marcus Rashford sent Solskjaer's men through. Fans belted out the "Ole's At The Wheel" chant for a solid ten minutes after the full-time whistle, as the entire squad embraced a well-fought victory against one of the strongest teams in Europe. But for one man, things were about to become very real. Two months after that historic moment in Paris, Stensland stayed true to his word. "Ole's at the wheel! Before the away game vs PSG i tweeted that if Man Utd went through I would tattoo Solskjærs face inside a wheel. Well, i'm a man of my words. I went all in. Here's the result. Enjoy!" he posted on Twitter. "'I really didn't want to have this on my body, but my artist did a hell of a job.'" He's only gone and done it. So there we have it, Ole will forever be at the wheel for this Manchester United fan.
  6. Skrtel Milk

    Nike deal

    Evidence for this?