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  1. windass

    My dog is dead

    weird bunch on here! :wow::yes:
  2. windass

    scally funerals

    blokes wearing ill fitting suits,jackets,1980s leather coats wrong colour tie. tarts sobbing (overkill) tarts wearing summer clothes at winter funerals any more? ;)
  3. windass

    Toon Army

    i agree with you.
  4. windass

    Toon Army

    if 51,000 turn up for the next home game at St james Park, all this King Kev stuff will mean fuck all! :(
  5. what with the keegan thing and the bloody weather here! whats your opinion on the recent events at Newcastle?
  6. windass

    September Spiders

    saw a weird one today. hung from lampshade. tiny with orangey colour......my lad did come back from africa last month!
  7. windass


    :santa:dont sit on his lap
  8. windass

    would you marry again?

    :biggrin:its catching
  9. windass

    liverpool fan..

    in insunderland said..wheres the train station mate? i said havent got a clue son. even though i knew where it was. daft cunt. :biggrin:
  10. windass

    firemen impress birds

    firemen drove through Newcastle city centre, to show off to geordie lasses! :yes. wrong eh? :telloff:
  11. windass

    gary glitter

    theyre not hanging xmas decorations up in vietnam this year. theyre hanging glitter. :yes:
  12. windass


    i aint seen my mum for over 18 years. i wasnt at my dads funeral. stop moaning you fucking knob sore!!
  13. windass


    cant remember it.:tease:
  14. windass


    what the fuck! :wow:
  15. windass

    Baroness Thatcher is dead...

    not funny ted. :notamused:
  16. windass

    Sunderland v Notts forest

    proud liverpool supporter eh! :biggrin:
  17. should be a goodun. ill be at the stadium of light tommorow! 8)
  18. windass

    fear of flying

    advice please...what would you do if your partner said im never going to fly again..but you loved flying, and hoped to travel with your kids wives or husbands in the future. :no
  19. windass


    a mans goes into the library and asks for a book on suicide.. the librarian says fuck off,you wont bring it back!! ;)
  20. windass

    fear of flying

    must be awful for you! have you got advice from the doctor etc?
  21. windass

    fear of flying

    thanks for that. hope the mrs takes it!
  22. windass

    fear of flying

    :thumbup:ill have to!
  23. windass

    just had a nice wank...

    wot you mean windass! :thumbdown
  24. windass

    just had a nice wank...

    you being serious? i reckon five could be the max. :biggrin: