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  1. windass


    Anyone see them in concert,in Rome on BBC4 tv last night. You forget how good they were .
  2. mine are...paper cuts weeds in the garden people who cant meet decent tea people texting on mobile phones when your in conversation with them wots yours? :wallbutt:
  3. windass

    sick of africa stuff

    what with mugabe and will smith saying..mandela is gods father! yeah yeah!:monkeymad:
  4. windass


    whats your whiff? I use linx,Africa(joke) :P Ive always liked Aramis.My brothers bird used to work in Harrods.Got loads of little bottles for nowt.
  5. windass

    what are you cooking?

    Had your tea/dinner yet? what did you make tonight. :yes:
  6. windass


    would you be any good on this quiz programme? :no:yes:
  7. I havent. Im too lazy and selfish! :monkeywink:
  8. why do tenants put them up at least 4 weeks prior to xmas? they have no taste in decorations at all. its all about attention seeking, outdoing each other. Dean
  9. windass

    nicked tv

    saw my mate today carrying a black sack with a portable tv. i said "where did you get that from"? he said "i nicked it in the doorway of a charity shop overnight" nice guy :laugh:
  10. windass


    got a text from my daughter whos staying at the adelphi hotel. she said theres some fucking weirdos in liverpool ;)
  11. id like to drown Jordan in a really deep bath full of piss. :yes:
  12. windass

    cheeky c-nt

    Saw a short arsed scrotum chucking a cola bottle in the street the other day! I said pick it up you little bastard. i watched him walk all the way to the litter bin with it. made my day. ;)
  13. windass


    Colin Todds doing a good job eh! :whistle:
  14. windass

    Gumtree ads

    :yes:i go on the forums. good laugh!
  15. weve got a coloured man who sings out of tune and strums a guitar out of tune. :thumbsup:
  16. windass


    ever sat in the front row at the cinema to watch a film? :wow:
  17. windass

    Newcastles away kit

    saw it in the toon today. £35! bloody cheek. ;)
  18. windass

    Isn't fruit lovely?

    its ok melon.
  19. i say Andy Cole who played at Bristol City,Newcastle. which other club? :wallbutt:
  20. its pissing down in Newcastle. ;)
  21. windass

    name a thick football player

    how about scouse missionary :whatever:
  22. windass

    ashley at Liverpool

    what would you do if the Newcastle chaiman took over at Liverpool? :drool: