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  1. On 16/06/2019 at 08:55, Barry Wom said:

    I'm aware we're asking loads for these players. I just don't see people paying it. It's a bit like the 30m euros we were looking for origi last year. Bournemouth can't buy them all (although they might buy lallana, especially if they lose frazer)


    Some recent transfer fees for young players with little top level experience, and this is just the Premier League. Its where the market is now.


    Maddison - £20m

    Solanke - £19m

    Adama Traore - £18m

    Dan Jones - £15m

    Danny Ward - £12.5m

    Josh Murphy - £11m

    David Brooks - £10m

    Angus Gunn - £10m

  2. 12 hours ago, Tony Moanero said:

    A half decent team of under fourteens would twat them.


    And the top 400-500 professional men's tennis players would beat Serena Williams


    And that Caster Semanya's, who apparently has too much testosterone, fastest 800m is about 1.55. The men's world record in 1912 was about 1.52.


    Once puberty hits, all bets are off, that's just the way it is, so there isn't really any point in comparing the women to the men. The matches should be taken at there own merit. I had the misfortune of seeing Southend play live a couple of months ago, and it was worst football I have seen for years, the women's matches I've seen have been far more entertaining.

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  3. On 06/06/2019 at 19:54, Bjornebye said:

    Just watched it all back properly. 


    Ruiz was brilliant. Fast as fuck for a fat bastard. Didn't back off apart from the dig that put him on his arse. Fought like a warrior and Joshua after being caught on the temple didn't want anything to do with an exchange. 


    Have to say though, Joshua was acting like a beak-head at the end. Wouldn't put it past him being spiked at some point. Genuinely. His behaviour was weird as fuck. 


    His Dad having a go at Hearn and Hearn shitting himself was funny but Joshua grabbing the microphone when Ruiz was getting interviewed made me skip back because it was the behaviour of a beak-head. 


    I'm not suggesting he is one, just saying he was acting like something wasn't right in there. 


    I'm just watching it now for first time,  and this may well be hindsight bias, but he did not look right at all in the ring walk or in the ring prefight.

  4. I've only really seen the US women's team doing that, and to be fair, the US women's team earned more money (or profit, can't remember) than the US Men's team for their federation due to their relative success compared to the men. At least they did after they won the last world cup 4 years ago.

  5. That Rachel Yankey was in the year below me at secondary school. I didn't realise she was a girl until about the 3rd or 4th year as she had short back and sides and everyone called her "Ray", but found out that was so she could play for a boys footy team.


    Thankfully things have changed since then, girls can now play in mixed teams until 18!

  6. 19 minutes ago, Babb'sBurstNad said:

    I don't mind watching women's football, you just have to accept it's developing around different abilities, like youth football. First match I properly paid attention to was the World Cup final between Japan and USA; it was decent, due to the contrasting styles.


    Anything that expands football and has a chance of puncturing the monopoly of the old fucks brigade who run it has my support. My only issue is making them use the same size goals, as even Karius sniggers at the standard of goalkeeping.


    Oh, and Alex Scott is better than most male pundits.


    Exactly, I watch plenty of our U23s and U18s, and sometimes it is rubbish!


    Not sure I agree on the goals, bigger goals means more goals, and unless they are all going in at one end, it should mean more exciting games which can help its development.


    I think the keeper issues should improve as the playing pool gets bigger. For a while it was possibly a case of if wanted to play in goal, you was good enough to play in goal!

  7. Starts tonight.


    I know I know, most of you don't give a shit and think the quality is rubbish!


    My daughter plays though, and she is not too bad, so I'll be tuning in as I think it will be good for her to have some female role models as well. And, England actually have a decent team to cheer on! There's at least a couple of scousers in the team too.


    Anyone else watching, or will it be just me?

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