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  1. Was at the Bucharest game and the milk cup final but the one that sticks in my mind is at Sunderland around Christmas '82. In the paddock there and he went through one of their lads right in front of us. Great, great player for us.
  2. oldhallst

    Other football

    Tyldesley and Keyes we're superb on city in the late 70's early 80's.
  3. oldhallst

    Ian Rush

    I was there when He Scored Four and at that Friday night Villa game but the one that sticks out for me was at home to Watford in about 83. Kop end through ball from Dalglish. Keeper left standing, couldn't move. Have tried to find it on youtube but happy just to keep the memories of what I saw.
  4. oldhallst

    Need a caption for this...

    If ye wannae ref ma tim, get the back cut.
  5. Thanks for postng this. This was one of our greatest European nights. Memories fade a bit now but I recall we were a bit fortunate that the first leg ended 0-0. They hit the bar at the Anny Rd end and we were really up against it going into this. I have vivid memories of the build-up to the game on City and then Tyldesley's classic line "..and that will take us to Paris.." when Kennedy scored. I still have the Midweek Match play-out to this on a cassette - mixture of YNWA and match highlights. Wish I knew how to upload it. It will bring a tear to the eye.
  6. Picture above brings back memories. Paris '81 and the Halewood Nasties and the Seaforth Scallies. Union Jacks and English flags were very common at Euro aways in those days. It was basically whatever the local church had. We were flying the flag for England across Europe. Back on topic, I can't understand how anyone would not want England to qualify for a world cup finals in Brazil.
  7. oldhallst

    Thailand v Liverpool (11.40am)

    It says "20 = Cheat".
  8. oldhallst

    Other football

    Joy cubed. Although I could only really start to enjoy watching that in the last 30 secs of injury time. You just never know with the jammy mancs.
  9. oldhallst

    The FA Corruption Thread

    Sets a precedent for other managers. Dean could have been killed, there.
  10. oldhallst

    Captions needed....

    Webb/Suarez:- "Come on...Come on..! Just say it...! What colour is my shirt..??"
  11. oldhallst

    Caption this...

    As Webb was in charge, Brad didn't want to give away a peno.
  12. oldhallst

    Mark clattenburg, racist?

    Caption for pic in Newport's post:- "Oh..! No, No, No..! I saw what happened to Suarez when he tried to shake your hand."
  13. oldhallst

    Squirrel 1, Alan Knill

    Wonder who the Squirrel supports..? Nutts County..? Bury..? Gnawich City..???