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    Ian Rush question

    I could be wrong but was it not a Mark Atkins o.g in the last minute and we beat them 3-0 at Anfield in the replay. Season 1990-91 i think it was.
  2. nsmithie

    Ever Been Told You Look Like Someone Famous ?

    Mark Wahlberg. I'm also a dead ringer for Joey Barton. I'm not proud of it.
  3. nsmithie

    The TLW Issue 66 Thread

    I haven't received the new issue. Could you check if my subscription is up. It's under the bird's name sinead murphy. Cheers Dave
  4. nsmithie

    New Gerrard Pencil Sketch

    First the pepe reina song, then this art work. An artist and a musican. Fuck me is there no end to this man's talent. Bet he's shit at football
  5. nsmithie

    LFC TV channel

    I find that male presenter really irritating. You know the one that takes a fucking age to say a sentence and always has a smug smile on his face.
  6. nsmithie

    In My Opinion

    I was of the same opinion. beating the mancs in the final would have wiped out the last eighteen years of no title in one go. The potential for reward, outweighed the potential for pain in defeat for me.
  7. nsmithie

    Women and football

    Me and my bird have had some memorable fights over football. it's about all we do fight about. Her family are all mancs and she's a manc sympathiser which pisses me off. Last night she said she like Rooney and I nearly planted her one. also she hates it when i'm buzzing after we win, for example after the arsenal game she was in a bitch of a mood when i got home! she's jealous of liverpool!!
  8. nsmithie

    Just like watching Beardsley

    Thought Clichy was unbelieveble. He's got some engine on him. He defended brillantly and was very dangerous on the overlap.
  9. nsmithie

    Sami's goal.

    When Sami headed the ball our TV froze for a couple of seconds.We all thought it was going wide. The sound came back first just as Tyldsley shouted goal. Like Chris said above,that was the goal I celebrated most cos we were up shit creek at the time.
  10. nsmithie

    Who's shitting it?

    I'm bricking it to be honest. We have the advantage as it stands but a goal for them changes everything.Even if we are two up tonight, a goal from them means they're one away from knocking us out! As nervous as I am, you can help but love it though. What else in life gives you this kind of buzz
  11. nsmithie

    Dave you Bastard

    A mate texted me last night to say that Benitez resigned. Fell for it big time. Jumped outa bed and turned on teletext. What a cunt!
  12. nsmithie

    Ice baths...

    Our football team used to do them after training. They are fine if it is only up to your waist, if it's up to your neck your whole body goes into shock. One bastard on our team used to spend ten minutes in the ice bath. Mad fucker
  13. nsmithie

    Issue 62 thread....

    Loved the rob jones article and couldn't agree more with the Reina column, he's just a great keeper.Diary and the captions are brillant as usual and i'm glad the best of the forum is coming back, it's my favourite part of the fanzine
  14. Carragher Reina Mascherano
  15. nsmithie

    How much SHIT does Redknapp chat

    It runs through the whole of sky. Heard Chris Kamara say the same about Gerrard and Torres on Goals on Sunday last Sunday. It's just rehashing the same old cliches about 'Rafa the Rotator'. Doesn't bother me anymore though. It's for gullible shits that haven't a brain to make up their own opinions.