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    Graphic Novels

    Started reading Hellblazer recently after meaning to do so for a long time. Really dark and pretty grim a lot of the time and very real with a touch of the Supernatural, so far anyway, i'm sure this will change.I've not watched the Constantine tv show but I can imagine it's quite a bit different to the comic books. Also reading Astro City by Kurt Busiek which I highly recommend. It's set in a fictional city that houses tons of superheroes and each episode usually centres on the story of one or a group of them.
  2. Street Preacher

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    I agree that a goalscorer is going to be the most important signing we make but I also think we should look at someone who has a mean free-kick on them so we could do much worse thansiging Hakan ( quickly googles his name ) Calhanoglu. Only seen him on the German highlight shows but he regulary scores amazing long range goals. Easy this scouting lark.
  3. Street Preacher


    Hate going the dentist and have avoided it like the plague for over a decade but the time has come for me to visit that dreaded chair again, but need a good dentist. Anybody recommend their dentist(Anywhere in Liverpool)? NHS or private,i'm not fussed,Just dont want an evil twat of a sadist. Cheers
  4. Street Preacher

    Trailer Park Boys

    Hey,anyone been watching that new comedy on Paramount 2,Trailer Park Boys?Fucking funny stuff,i recommend it.
  5. Street Preacher

    Starting Numerous Blogs

    I have a couple of ideas for some blogs i want to start and being a complete novice when it comes to starting websites i thought i would pick the brains of you lot! I want to start at least two blogs and was looking at using Wordpress.org. Would there be any obsticles to creating two blogs using this? Also does anyone have recommendations when it comes to hosting companies?
  6. Street Preacher

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I reckon he's still a good player but not sure whether he still has the hunger. Think he got 4 or 5 goals for Gala last season but didn't see him play for them.
  7. Street Preacher

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Apparently Atletico have put a loan offer in for Mata. Surely they wont loan him out.
  8. Street Preacher

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Hopefully Cissokho with be really motivated to secure a move and will have a good season for us. Apparently he's got decent pace and good stamina which he will need in our system with so much relying on the full-backs. If we get Willian in then it would seem we have had a decent window, although only time will tell.
  9. Street Preacher

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    And in talks with Anzhi to sign Willian apparently.
  10. Street Preacher

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Aly Cissokho has signed on a year long loan deal according to Sky. Not sure what ti think about this one.
  11. Street Preacher

    Old Internal Hard Drive

    My old laptop packed in(think it was something to do with graphics card) and i have now removed the old hard drive and want to connect it to my new laptop. I bought a SATA/IDE to usb kit off ebay but when i have hooked it up the laptop doesn't recognise that anything is connected. Do i need an external power adapter? The old hard drive is this one: Western Digital WD1600BEVT-60ZCT1 160gb 2.5" Sata Laptop drive Cheers
  12. Street Preacher


    Whichever tablet you go for definitely go for a larger one. It's much better for watching movies/tv etc and if you're a massive geek like me then comics look brilliant on them.
  13. Street Preacher

    I'm after a new telly, any advice?

    Not a specific television but i've had a Sony Bravia for the last 3/4 years and not had one problem with it so could do a lot worse than take a look at the newer models.
  14. Street Preacher

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Yeah just speculation but if we can get something for Caroll and Coates it should bump it up to the 30-35m mark or thereabouts. Plus we have Carra's salary off the wage bill which is pretty substantial We're gonna have to be pretty clever in the summer with regards to who we sign and the positions we try to fill.
  15. Street Preacher

    Reading Comics on PC Tablets

    I am looking to buy a pc tablet and will be mostly using it to read cbr and cbz comic files i am currently reading on my laptop. Any comic geeks had any experience of this and can you recommend me a tablet? Ideally would like to get one under £200 but could stretch to £250 ish.
  16. Street Preacher

    Workplace Security

    The shop where i work is bringing in new stricter security measures, one of which being searches on leaving the premises. We already have checks on backpacks,bags pockets etc but now everytime we leave the shop we have to lift up our trouser legs and then lift up our tops to show we're not trying to nick stock. I'm not that fussed but it does seem a bit extreme and my question is can they legally make us do this or can we tell them to piss off?
  17. Street Preacher

    Workplace Security

    Even the management think it's over the top. We'll probaby get together and refuse and see what happens then. Either that or i'll write perverts on my chest when they're checking me over.
  18. Street Preacher

    Workplace Security

    Camping shop in town. We don't sell many expensive small items as most of our stock is clothing, tents etc. I'd understand if it was a jewellers or the Royal Mint or something like that but this seems a bit over the top for us.
  19. Street Preacher

    Brits to be proud of

    Charlie Brooker. Funny, intelligent, is a gamer, gets paid to watch telly and is banging Konnei Huq.
  20. Street Preacher

    Am I Screwed?

    I'm 29, still live at home with the parents, have had my hours in work halfed this year and I'm struggling to even get interviews for jobs, nevermind an actual job. Worked in retail since leaving school with 10 GCSEs ( 4 at grade c the rest lower ) and now really want to get out of it but don't have much in the way of skills or experience. Only positives I really have is that I have zero debt which is something i suppose. Just not sure where i'm heading next and pretty depressed about it to be honest so i thought the only logical thing to do was to ask the esteemed members of my favourite forum to sort this shit out for me. So what do i do next and are any of you in similar situations where you feel like you're in a low place in your working life?
  21. Street Preacher

    Am I Screwed?

    I think as it stands i'm a little bit screwed, but maybe there's hope yet. Definitely think re-training is going to be the key but would like any old full-time job for the time being, as i hardly have any disposable income now that my contracted hours have been slashed. Think i'll have to work on my CV as it must be one of the reasons why i'm struggling to get interviews. Anybody need their car washed or their dog's shit picked up for a small fee ?
  22. Street Preacher

    Am I Screwed?

    Yeah i have actually registered with one so far and have a job as a merchandiser in Tesco coming up but the start date keeps getting put back and it's only short-term evening work which will hopefully give me some Christmas present buying money.
  23. Street Preacher

    How safe is your job at the moment?

    Work in retail and i reckon the company I work could go belly up in the next 18 months or so as it's been in trouble in the past and they haven't done anything differently apart from slashing hours and buying poorer stock. I think retail in general is struggling and will continue to struggle ( apart from Tesco etc ).
  24. Street Preacher

    Am I Screwed?

    Voulunteering is something I have just started to look at. Think I may want to get into something where i actually make a difference and help people rather than just sell walking boots.
  25. Street Preacher

    Am I Screwed?

    Om om