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  1. Barry Wom

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Haha. So you prove my point. Starmer is stuck with her. She was at it already this crying about the party not being able to elect a woman. Starmer needs to find a way to shut her mouth and giving her a role in the cabinet might just do that.
  2. Barry Wom

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I think she's a motor mouth who'll be more easily contained inside the shadow cabinet than outside. She's one of the biggest threats to labour as she doesn't give 2 fucks when she opens her mouth. Putting her in the shadow cabinet would hopefully nullify her ability to sabotage the party. It's not always about picking the best person, it's how you manage the whole group. It's not like he can give her a bosman is it and hope the libdems come in for her?
  3. Barry Wom

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I'm expecting 3 of the big jobs to go to nandy, Philips and RLB.
  4. Barry Wom

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Is that official about Gardiner? I think he is very good. He never gets outdone in an interview.
  5. Barry Wom

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I don't think you are going to see too much criticism publicly at this point in the virus. He has a very difficult balance here as parliament is shut. He can't hold the government to account in the usual way, but pushing stuff directly to the media I think would be seen as counter productive. I can actually imagine we will see a lot of this letter writing nonsense that appears to have become popular in politics over the last year or two. Perhaps it always happened and Twitter has just amplified it because everyone posts their letter on there too. It's going to be challenging though because I'm sure there'll be lots of questions around the exit plan from this lockdown.
  6. Barry Wom

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I thought Starmer handled himself pretty well this morning on Marr. He said something like that about herd immunity, but I think at this points that's the right thing to do for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the government are currently pretending herd immunity was never part of their policy, so at this point that makes it a pretty difficult argument to win. Secondly I think right now he needs not to be seen as politicising the virus and to appear a force for good. While I felt Starmer appeared a little "best of a bad bunch" in the leadership campaign, I thought that was a very credible start this morning. When we get through this period and we start looking back at the government actions, there'll be loads of time for Starmer to show if he can ram home advantage.
  7. Barry Wom


    He was treated like a rock star on Marr this morning and loving every second of it the smug cunt. He should be slapped down by a government official. It shouldn't take the population, the government should come out and make an example of him. I won't hold my breath. No need for that. They'll just take them off someone dying in an ICU. To be fair to Hancock (and I don't like doing this), he said this in response to a question off Marr saying something like what are you going to do if people ignore your order to stay in and choose to sit in the park on their daily walk. Is he the mad cunt who owns that Safari park that used to have a TV show done there? Was it called Longleat?
  8. I don't think I've side stepped a thing. Every country has needed some type of restrictions. How and when has been crucial. Not all have chosen the path of the UK and not all were as under prepared as the UK and not all have needed to lock down to the point that only essential workers can't go to work. Singapore for example that was hit much earlier than the uk and I would imagine live in a more densely populated country have not needed to have the depth of shutdown we have. They did start early though. Football has stopped in early march. It's unlikely to restart until June at best and that will be behind closed doors, so still limiting the income of clubs and limiting the need for most of their non-playing staff - I would be shocked at this point if we don't end up with a 6 month break from playing in full stadia - the government are offering just 3 months money. The severity and length of these restrictions is a failing of this government, we could have locked down quickly and early, we chose herd immunity instead. They have tried to mitigate their failings and impact they have caused by providing various schemes for business to help fund their shortfall and keep people employed who otherwise would be laid off. All LFC have done is utilise a fund available to every business in the country. Nobody is questioning advertising companies, cardboard box makers, banks, hotels, hedgefunds, high street stores, bars, restaurants, fast food chains, transport companies or whatever industry you want to choose. No pick on football, it's partizan enough to get people up in arms, people are jealous of the success of the players and it keeps the eyes off the government and on them. By the end of this week I would be amazed if every club in the country has not put their non-playing staff on furlough because that's what all responsible businesses will do.
  9. The business closures will last as long as they will because we have failed with this virus control since day 1. We have had at no point the ability to test enough people, so the virus was able to run wild. It run wild because the government wanted it to. We had an opportunity to stop people travelling in from high risk zones and refused to take it - our match against athletico Madrid being an example of that, when those same Spanish fans wouldn't have been allowed into a stadium in their own country, we allowed them to fly here, drink in our pubs and then take it to the stadium. This was allowed because the government wanted the virus to spread with their herd immunity plan. The NHS are having to refuse to see people who have this virus because they don't have the staff (partly due to self isolation, partly due to 10 ywars of austerity) or the equipment (testing kits and at times beds) to identify who has or hasn't contracted the virus. So every cough or temperature leads to a complete 14 day lock down, even for front line workers and their entire household, even if nothing is wrong with them. A test would negate the need for this. The length and the severity of this lockdown is 100% down to government strategy. The football clubs are making their decisions right now to a back drop of an expectation the earliest they may start playing football is June and that is likely behind closed doors - and this is seen as best case. When we locked down, there was an expectation of just weeks, in fact I recall the prime minister saying 3 weeks and at the time football was planning to restart at the end of April. The government has fucked this up at every turn, going back to 10 years of austerity and their ignoring of reports that we were under prepared for a pandemic. They delayed stopping people from high risk countries coming here and deployed a strategy that was ridiculed globally. The lockdown will be as long and as deep because of government incompetence and that in turn hits the economy longer and harder, football too. But the Tories don't want you talking about that, they want you talking about how rotten to the core football is rather than look at their failings. Hancock wanted to change the news discussion and he's succeeded. Today even Andrew Marr has been discussing it on his show, with a segment dedicated to fucking Gary Lineaker. This is not a football issue, this is an issue of government failure.
  10. My understanding the government requirement for access to this money is you must furlough your staff and those staff must absolutely do no work at all, not even an email and supposedly there will be planned spot checks after the crisis to illustrate this has been adhered to. It seems logical to me this formal step of furloughing staff is to trigger access to the government fund.
  11. I hear the brasses are cheap now as demand is so low. You'll have to wear a mask though.
  12. You're kidding right? More testing a better funded NHS for a start. We knew this virus was coming and we had a plan with herd immunity to allow this virus to run through the population until we run out of hospital beds. Edit: as a country we are literally killing our NHS staff. And not because that's a risk of a job, because we've sent them to work without the right equipment. This government are very keen to use war rhetoric for this crisis, well this would be like sending our front line troops into battle with pea shooters. It's a crime of incredible proportions.
  13. Barry Wom


    I thought one of those Imperial college fellas has been pushing it again..well actually maybe pushing it is the wrong phrase, he's using the word which has been pretty much banned for 3 or 4 weeks. I feel absolutely certain herd immunity has never gone, it's just been not mentioned by the government and their advisors since they were ridiculed. In my view the government aim was always to get the kids back to school and most industry going again by the end of the school Easter holidays. Introducing the idea of herd immunity now softens people up for the idea of getting back out there when there'll probably be a 1000 a day dying from the virus..
  14. I think everyone is cashing in. But there's every chance with no work and an indefinite shutdown of football these people could have been laid off or perhaps a proportion of them. I have no issues with people asking the questions providing they don't slip into this trap that's been set by Hancock of thinking this is a football issue. It isn't a football issue, this is an issue for our entire economy across just about every industry but those involved in the front line. If anyone thinks up and down the country people aren't furloughing their staff regardless.of if they need to or not they're kidding themselves.
  15. Barry Wom


    It's back in fashion isn't it?