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  1. Watched that BBC bodyguard. What a load of old shite. Terrible story telling. And the lead actor, he spent the whole show just looking like he really needed a shit. If you can't match us tv on budget, tell a good story with some good acting.
  2. Barry Wom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    There's been 2 years of leeway. The clock is running out and we're sleep walking into whatever piece of shit may can get over the line.
  3. Barry Wom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I don't think the labour leadership want to be seen as the party who deny "the people". But we're 2 years along. We've got no deal worth talking about. Maybe we have got to leave and there's no way out, but for fucks sake, when do we start fighting for something, instead of just letting may slip around holding her party together by the skin of their teeth?
  4. Barry Wom

    The IPTV Thread

    I do my IPTV through kodi, but have a Sony android TV, so again I run right off my TV. Again yesterday perfect for the match and the fight - I'm really getting my monies worth this year as I'm not able to get the game and have loaned out my ST for a few months. Been with this guy a few years now, virtually never any issues and he can run on mag, LG and Samsung too.
  5. Barry Wom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I don't see any issue with what corbyn did yesterday. We should be glad of his continued support, because we're going to need it when these slippery twats try to wriggle out of their charges. However, I'm getting really dissolusioned with the whole Europe thing. I feel like labour is just giving up and providing absolutely no opposition to those other twats. By the time they move, it's going to be too late. This "let's wait for an election, where we'll still take you out of Europe but start negotiating all over again" is just fucking pure nonsense. We're out in 6 months. Step the fuck up.
  6. Barry Wom

    The world of a woman.

    What type of fucking parents have you got to have to think that's an idea. It surely had to have come from the Australian version of viz.
  7. Barry Wom

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I don't think the EU are bound to want more consessions at this stage. In fact I think they will wave this through as a basis for discussion in the transistion period and the final deal will be negotiated after we've left, which is when they will fight for their consessions.
  8. Barry Wom

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    but this is my point - we need to topple the bitch before brexit, but i don't see how that happens while Labour are so passive.
  9. Barry Wom

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    the thing is, take the piss or not, she's proved she is actually the best leader they can get and they know it. how the fuck is she still clinging on? because she knows how to blance the right and left of her party in the backdrop of the minoroty government she is running. she's looked days away from being finished since the last election, but yet she is still holding on and imo, she will be there at the next election.
  10. Barry Wom

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    So you agree with me our squad is small? I appreciate we have players like lallana, sturridge, origi & solanke - but do we want to use any of them at any time this season? as far as I am concerned, we're pretty much where we were last season, when I think everyone agreed our squad was too small. Fabinho has come in for Can. Effectively Keita will replace the games we saw from Coutinho and AOC. Shaquiri replaces Ings, which is about the only upgrade we have and it remains to be seen what he can contribute.
  11. Barry Wom

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    hahaha, stop it. fucking hell while we're at it, shall we see if robbie fowler and michael owen fancy a game?
  12. Barry Wom

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    our stupidly small squad looks like it could be about to bite us in the arse again, just 5 competitive games after the CL final. I cannot believe we've gone into the season pinning our hopes on sturridge. if fimino is not fit, it will be a massive loss. i would almost be tempted to play keita for firmino before I would let sturridge out there for 90 mins.
  13. Barry Wom

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    how are we getting this 2nd vote with the current government? i agree it is time for labour to stop sitting by and giving the tories the free pass they have since the last election, but unless the tory right choose to topple May by fucking her chequers plan (which I don't believe they will because it will provide a platform for a no confidence vote in the government), then May is getting her way providing the EU will play ball - which they will because they need to sign nothing now, the real details can be done during the transition period, once we're already out with no chance of backing out.
  14. Lilyhammer is great, underated imo. I would say The Wire is OK - but I think it is massively overrated, people pitch it as up there with the Sopranos, I don't get that myself.
  15. Steaky bacon is some bad hipster shite.