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  1. I might have some sympathy for Forest if it wasn’t for the fact they apparently started singing “sign on” in the first few minutes.
  2. Alex Rider S2 - 7/10. Alex Rider S3 - 7.5/10. Both better than the first series which was too slow.
  3. Harry Potter, High Grant, Lily Allen, Richard Osman, Margot Robbie, Bubbles the Chimp, Wing Commander Scotty Parker, Michael Jackson’s Cryogenically Frozen Head, Beef Stroganoff, Creator Supreme - your boys took a hell of a beating! A HELL of a beating!
  4. Is Traore no longer covering himself in baby oil these days?
  5. I wish Trent would fuck off with the shush and 1-0 gestures. You can do that at the final whistle - not two-thirds if the way through the first half.
  6. Think Endo clears that off the line if Ali hadn’t tried to stop it.
  7. Get in. Cunt punished for deliberately dropping heavily on Jota’s leg.
  8. Given that Marinakis has had plenty of allegations against him that he colluded with criminals, Webb will be building a safe room in his house.
  9. I knew the useless scab cunts wouldn’t let me down. In this regard at least.
  10. Good to see somebody who made good and wants to give put something back.
  11. Why? Has he collided with a bridge and brought it down? Hammers getting hammered at Palace.
  12. I’ve not watched the game but on the Forest forum they’re taking about a fourth penalty shout so I’m assuming Clattenburg will be penning another letter to PGMOL.
  13. Fuck off Forest, you pieces of shit. I hope either Luton or Burnley overhaul you, you fucking scab twats.
  14. Get on this Tory bastard, bragging about his wall mounted TV….
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