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Klopp: I was more worried about us than knocking anyone off their perch


Jurgen Klopp knew he had a major job to do when he first arrived at Liverpool and was more focused on building a pathway to success than reclaiming the mantle of most successful club in English Football.


That he has managed to do both is just another testament to the remarkable job that the German has done since coming to the club when it was clearly at the crossroads in October 2015.


A student of the game, Klopp knew all about the fierce rivalry between Liverpool and Man United and Alex Ferguson’s phrase when he first joined the Red Devils. but he was much more interested in starting the process of building a successful team rather than focusing on the past as the Mirror reported.




“I know the famous phrase about the perch, but I had other stuff to do when I arrived here rather than think about Manchester United, to be honest.


“In my first year, Leicester won the league. In my second year, Chelsea won the league. Then Man City started winning the league. But there was nothing with Manchester United. That is not me. I don’t think about anybody else.


“If we face them, then yes. If we don’t face them, they can do what they want and I have nothing to do with that influence. I was made aware that Liverpool have now won most trophies because I was told about it - but then I forgot it!‌


“It’s important, absolutely. But as long as we can still win something, I don’t count trophies.”


On that point, the Reds currently have the edge in terms of overall trophies won (71-69) and will level Man United’s total of 20 league titles if they lift the trophy in May.


Reflecting on the first meeting, Klopp knew that he had build from the ground up.


“I think we lost our first game against United. Was it a goal by Wayne Rooney?  I thought we were better but they won the game. I do remember that.‌ But, for me, I can’t start the development (of a club) by thinking who is up there who I want to reach.


“I can only do it step by step - and they were probably far away. It didn’t ever hinder me because it wasn’t even in my mind. He (Ferguson) came from Scotland, I came from Germany, so it was a different place and different times.”


Moving on the present moment and Klopp says while his team will be deep in enemy territory as he prepares to take his side to Old Trafford for the penultimate time as Liverpool manager, they will have plenty of support with them for the FA Cup Quarter final clash.


“I always prefer home games but if we play away I have always preferred to do it in the FA Cup because you can take more people.


“The away crowd is a real crowd. Our fans will be on their toes and that’s important because we know Old Trafford can create quite a special atmosphere.


"In general it (Old Trafford) is a good place to go. It’s real football. It’s all or nothing because it’s the Cup and it will be decided that day.


“I am really happy that we aren’t going there with people saying ‘they have no chance.’ We have a chance but we must be really good.”







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