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Jonjo: "Facing Gerrard will be mad"

Former Reds midfielder Jonjo Shelvey says he is looking forward to lining up against his old team mates on Monday night, but says coming up against Steven Gerrard will be 'a bit mad'.


Shelvey, who joined the Swans for £6m in the summer, says "It will be a bit mad facing him as I was living next door to him in Liverpool. But I always said I wanted to play with him and against him before he retired, because if you play against him you can really judge yourself on where you are as a player."


"For me he has been the best player in this country for God knows how long, he is the complete midfield player."


Speaking to Sky Sports News, Shelvey added: "Liverpool won the League Cup when I was there but I did not make the bench, and you feel like you are not there, even though you are happy and you get a medal, you feel like you are not part of it. I want to be part of something at Swansea."

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Shelvey knows his midfielders, given the homage he is paying to Stevie. Having said that, hopefully there won't be any recklessness from him. He has a wild tackle or two in him, but I don't want any injuries. 


The move was good for the lad as he wasn't getting in our team and once you get to a certain stage you have to play if you really are going to make your mark in the game. Good luck to Voldemort... just not on Monday. 

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