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Adrian: We want to continue to create history 

The quest for greatness remains as deep as ever according to Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian.

While the Reds are just two wins from claiming their first league title in 30 years, there is no risk of the team taking their foot off the pedal once that honour is secured,

ESPN reported the Spaniard as saying:

“We have a little step left but we are not going back down just to win those two games and put on our flip-flops. 

“We want to return to win the nine games [remaining] if it's possible, exceed the 100 points and that, in the end, this team make history for everything we have done on the pitch.



Adrian said Jürgen Klopp addressed the players and while it will be remembered by many for what has happened on a global scale over the past few months, they want to switch the attention back to the action on the pitch.

“A few days ago we had a meeting with [Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp] and the entire squad and we talked about all that, that this season is going to be historic for many things; obviously due to the virus, because the season had to be stopped and then we had to resume it ... but we want to make it historic for us, for Liverpool and for what we are achieving

"No one can forget that we are 25 points ahead of the second, which is Manchester City, who are a great team and have a great squad.

“What the team is doing since the beginning of the season has been magnificent.

“At the personal level to earn a [Premier League trophy] isn't something done every day. It is my seventh year in the league and it is a personal objective and dream."

Professional athletes all over the globe have had to adapt to the ‘sound of silence’ due to new COVID-19 protocols given by Health authorities.

Adrian says it is all about adapting to the ‘new normal.'

“I have never played in empty stadiums and I believe most of my teammates haven't either...It will be strange to play [the Merseyside derby] without chants, the roar from the seats, and back-and-forth of the supporters from the rival side. 

“It will be different."


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This guy .. not quite at Karius level of infamy only on account of not having played finals, but approaching it. Can't he keep his mouth shut and be invisible until he leaves in a few weeks.

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What is it with LFC and utterly oblivious goalkeepers? Adrian, Karius, Mignolet -- all variously awful servants of the club but all pretty outspoken & variously seem oblivious of their own shortcomings. Is it just a general trait of goalkeepers & we happen to find the rotten ones more often than not? Thank god for Alisson. Adrian talking about putting flip flops on after that travesty against Atletico .. is he taking the piss?

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Goalkeepers should absolutely know their limitations and outfield players should know the limitations of their keeper. I remember the first goal conceded against Atletico Madrid, a pass forward by the keeper straight to the feet of the opposition and the defence had to backpedal. Alisson is great with his distribution - everyone else in the same position for us are clearly not. If you pass the ball back to a sub keeper, make sure he makes the right pass, either short or if not just fucking hoof it. Alisson is the play making goalkeeper, Adrian is not. 

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