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PODCAST: The one we never wanted to record - Jurgen Klopp is leaving

Jurgen Klopp dropped a bombshell on us this morning with the news he was leaving at the end of the season, so we recorded this emergency podcast to try and make some sense of it all.


TLW Editor Dave Usher is joined by Julian Richards and Stu Montagu, while there are drop ins from a couple of other lads as we discuss the whys, wherefores and what nexts. 


What started out as a serious, sombre discussion descended into chaos thanks to interruptions from cats, home smart speaker systems and the distraction of a Xabi Alonso press conference.



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I haven’t listened yet, banking for the drive to work


Question for the pod though (apologies if this has been answered) - 

Have your expectations of the season now changed wit Klopp leaving? Like if we don’t leave the league, is it gonna feel like more of a failure? 
I kind of think it will even though I can’t really articulate why. I guess like a heart wrenching second place is gonna feel doubly shit knowing that Jurgen won’t get another go and also the absolute uncertainty of a new manager (whoever they may be)… 

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15 hours ago, Red_or_Dead said:

Harsh Ray!  He did swiftly rectify the problem in the summer though!


He did, mate, just 90 minutes too late....!


But yes, outside of that, he's been near perfect.  I'm in love with him, and feel absolutely fine about it.

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12 hours ago, johnsusername said:

De Zerbi would just be another Rodgers-type appointment surely? 


Plus, his name sounds a bit like jabroni.


18 months ago nobody had even heard of De Zerbi, now he's being touted for a big team based entirely on building on what Potter did at an incredibly well run Brighton team.


When you look at the names being linked, it shows the paucity of good managers available. 

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