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PODCAST: Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2 - Match Reaction

No Van Dijk, no Salah, no problem. The Reds advanced to the next round after a smash and grab win against a profligate Arsenal side who should have been out of sight by half time, but if you let Klopp's mentality monsters stay in the game then this is what happens. 


TLW Editor Dave Usher is joined by Paul Natton and Julian Richards to revel in one of the more satisfying wins of the season so far, and to look ahead to the midweek semi final against Fulham.




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23 minutes ago, Antynwa said:

The comment about Nunez not being a problem whilst we're top of the league is absolutely valid. 


It's the Naby Keita defence, I.E as long as we're winning the league or are successful his impact or lack thereof never really got noticed until he never played again/ballooned it in Paris. 


Make no mistake the knives will be out if this season somehow turns bad, or we don't win anything and his finishing is part of the cause. 


He's been fortunate that we've generally found a way to win the games where he's been most profligate.


I can only really think of Luton where his spaffage may have actually cost us points. Of the recent games where we've not won, City, United, Arsenal, he wasn't on the end of the big chances.

That's either pure coincidence, or they came against teams that he struggled to get on the end of stuff.


Either way, it doesn't bode well. His fucking 8% chance conversion rate is going to catch-up with us in an absolutely massive game. And then the benefit of the doubt he's getting now from people ends.



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I’ll bite on the Reins discussion as well… The main reason he seemed worse towards the end was that the team crumbled in front of him. Instead of having literally the best midfield in front of a slow and flawed CB duo, we now had zero control in the engine room. This meant our defenders (Carragher being the main culprit) regularly gifting opposition 1v1s with Reina. I’ll concede he performed better on those in the early part of his career, but comparing him to Mignolet (who was as ill-fitted for modern, progressive football as possible), does him great disservice.

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