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  1. JoeBuck01

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not a Blue but maybe I haven’t got the venom towards them as some others…I’ve lived away from the City for 25 years and haven’t been to a Goodison derby since 97, so maybe not caught up with their daily bile. Plus I go to some London games with my best mate whose a Blue when he’s down. the Millwall comment was more that , after October 04 and their Hillsborough and John Peel songs, it was good to see them getting a pasting from a bunch of scousers. As for Heysel, people were ringing into Radio City days after saying Chelsea fans were there. They weren’t and we may have been provoked, but it was on us.
  2. JoeBuck01

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Wish I hadn’t. Let’s leave sleeping dogs lie.
  3. JoeBuck01

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That’s my point really. I think we have tried to dilute our responsibility for that night, and did so from the start ( some Chelsea fans were there etc). if we hadn’t charged over, no one would have died , shit stadium or not. It is on us. anyway, this is meant to be anti- blue thread ….btw, I was quite proud of them at Millwall a few years back. Puts helmet on.
  4. JoeBuck01

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Of course not. We got our photos and fingerprints taken at Zeebrugge and were all spaced out and shattered about what happened, as well as being genuinely scared. I was with my Uncle who thankfully was a calming presence. All a bit different earlier in the day at the Grand Place when we exchanged scarves with some Italians. It was a bad dream all round.
  5. JoeBuck01

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They were singing towards us, nothing much more than that…and a few people seem to be getting hassle, but our reaction was over the top. Ok, no one meant for anyone to die, but let’s hold our hands up, which we have failed to do for 36 years.
  6. JoeBuck01

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Heysel was 100% our fault and the most shameful day in our history. I was there and it is all on us…we killed 39 innocent people. Fuck the irrelevant stories of a shit stadium ( it was no worst than others back then) or them attacking a father and son in the neutral section.. we had a load of wankers who couldn’t take their ale in the sun who thought it would be ok to attack a load of middle aged Italians. Cowards.
  7. JoeBuck01

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (Nov 3 2021)

    It was always funny when 20, 000 Kopites sang “Tina” at Shilton ( the lady he was caught naked with in a car in the late 70s). It seemed to inspire him more mind. of course in those same Forest games, Viv Anderson would be getting a load of Tiswas’ Lenny Henry’s “ OKs” , the casual racism which was meant to be a “ laugh”. on United, there was a big problem with singing their songs between 82- 85( the Big Ron peak years ) and around 85 there was cries of shut the fuck up whenever the United Biscuit or Munich songs got song. This social control meant those songs largely went underground after about 86…that’s when more creative versions such as “ Lost In Munich” or” Always Look on the Runway for Ice” were sung in the pubs pre and post match, but not in the ground.
  8. Surely if you’re United you would go for a Galtier or a Ten Hag ie a Klopp type manager who has proved themselves with a winning playing style that suits your Club. Rather than some legend of the past which plays well to the fans, but who has an indifferent record in an inferior league.
  9. Yep, let’s leave this thread to the mancs demise. The Stevie debate should be left to another day when we’ve seen more seasons under him. Hope I’m proved wrong and he turns out to be a top manager. Still too early to judge either way.
  10. Fair enough, but he has much to do to prove himself worthy as Jurgen’s successor. Don’t appoint on emotion/ heritage , do it on merit, personality and vision.
  11. Yes, bigger than Hodgson, that bad. We’ve got got to learn the mancs lesson.
  12. Gerrard would be the biggest mistake this Club ever made - our Ole, Frank or whatever other emotional appointment which never works out. As great as player he was, I doubt he will be a top manager. Let’s not history repeat itself …because Souey did great at Rangers, it transfers. It won’t. When he eventually goes, we need the Jurgen successor to be the continuous candidate ( the Paisley to Shankly), not the daft emotional appointment.
  13. Loved this, thanks lads. As I was a bit half cut yesterday, listened to it tonight while making tea with a bottle of vino….perfect tone and an everlasting recording of how ecstatic every Red felt after yesterday. the only thing I would disagree on is Mo and Suarez ( known as The Rat). He is way beyond his level and nearer to Kenny’s. still, nice one for capturing yesterday… agree with Dave about being disappointed not to get 8!
  14. JoeBuck01

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    His last home game for us against QPR, I remember a lot of the old skool Kemmy boys giving him shit…” hey Sterling, you’re a worm”.He naturally looked round perplexed. Not sure we give him the love he deserved either and his embrace with his landlords and appreciation at the 2019 Charity Shield showed he still cared for us. I would love him back.
  15. JoeBuck01

    Mohamed Salah

    Surely it’s not whether you do it but how you do it. Barnsey was being paying £10k a week when the next best paid was £2k. Get Nike to pay him £10m a year in a sponsorship deal and we pay him £300k. The James song is great but he could rightly get Kennyesque levels of devotion if he committed and we take the only dark cloud away. Mo would already get in any all time Liverpool 11 and, with another 4 years, would surely be be in the running as our greatest player ( from someone who saw Kenny score against Newcastle on his doubt).