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  1. JoeBuck01

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    His last home game for us against QPR, I remember a lot of the old skool Kemmy boys giving him shit…” hey Sterling, you’re a worm”.He naturally looked round perplexed. Not sure we give him the love he deserved either and his embrace with his landlords and appreciation at the 2019 Charity Shield showed he still cared for us. I would love him back.
  2. JoeBuck01

    Mohamed Salah

    Surely it’s not whether you do it but how you do it. Barnsey was being paying £10k a week when the next best paid was £2k. Get Nike to pay him £10m a year in a sponsorship deal and we pay him £300k. The James song is great but he could rightly get Kennyesque levels of devotion if he committed and we take the only dark cloud away. Mo would already get in any all time Liverpool 11 and, with another 4 years, would surely be be in the running as our greatest player ( from someone who saw Kenny score against Newcastle on his doubt).
  3. This. Only saw the latter years of Cally but what I saw and heard from my folks, he should be in any all time 11. As should Billy of course, but we only had the privilege of watching Barnsey.. Souey and Stevie would be the greatest midfield pairing of any English team, even though both were treacherous bastards.
  4. JoeBuck01

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Haven't really seen him at Monaco but in the French games in the last week, he seemed to be doing the pressing whilst Pogba slumbered by. Looked technically gifted too. Don’t like the look of Kessie who seems too slow, but this kid seems like he’s got everything and just needs to be Klopped.
  5. JoeBuck01

    Greatest Away Trips

    Yep, I remember getting off at Kirkdale that day and there was an atmosphere unlike any before or since....blood was in the air. When that gate opened between the Park End and The Enclosure, I've never seen so many try and pile through. The worst violence I've seen at Anfield was an October League Cup game against West Ham in 82 I think. Only 28, 000, but there must have been running battles in every street around Anfield that night. Anyone not involved had to take cover in the doorways.
  6. JoeBuck01

    Greatest Away Trips

    I think mine was Oxford in March 87…it started at New Street where all the trains got cancelled and about 50 of us kicked up such a stink, that the British Transport Police put on an impromptu “Special” to Oxford, with two ropey old carriages. we get to the beautiful Manor Ground ( built like a Subbetto set with a new Stand each year) and the Coach scals chased the local lads round the ground. It seemed unnecessary to us. After the match, which we won 3-2 and nah nah nah Spackman made his debut, we heard down the hill through Oxford. the coach scals go home sticking vs to anyone they see behind their windows. In the meantime, the local youths, chastened , decide to pick off any red they see walking through the town. It’s cowardly, but there’s quite a few Somerset reds who got punched that day and when we all amassed at the Station, there’s a gang of locals throwing bricks, hitting lots of parked cars. Despite lots of Police trying to persuade us to get on the first train to Leamington we head back into the Town, chasing and taking out anyone we caught with,. About 20 of us ended up in a student boozer until 9pm, we missed our Crewe connection, and ended up at Lime Street at 7am on the Sunday morning. After the Specials disappeared in 85, it became rarer to have a decent crack on British Rail, who basically hated football fans, but we got away with one that day.
  7. JoeBuck01

    How good are we?

    I was lucky enough to watch us in the 70s and 80s and I would say it's the best team ever. My Dad, who has been going since the mid 50s, thinks the same. The late 70s team was sublime but people would get on Ray Kennedy's back for being lazy, or David Johnson's back for being crap. Even Souness got stick in his first few seasons. The 87-90 team soon became out muscled and therefore outplayed by the likes of Arsenal ( remember when they came to Anfield in the League Cup and blew us away). Last season aside, can't see it happening with this team, but they need to follow up with more of the same trophies over the next 3 years to make this valid.
  8. Mo and Thiago when fit. Trent is just wasteful…aka Roberto Carlo and Ronaldo…everyone remembers the rare occasions when he scored. even Curt, who I thought was brilliant today. He gives us someone extra.
  9. I just think we were too casual ….two years ago, Fabinho would have put his foot through their first, Virg would have cleared everyone for their second, and Joel wouldn’t have been so half arsed for their third. it wasn’t just their goals though….Mo should have slotted away his casual chip and too many back heels around their penalty area…even from Hendo. The 1st half of 19- 20 would have had none of this complacency. on the plus, Ivan Toney is a future Liverpool number 9. Imagine him feeding through the two wingers with his clever flick ons, plus his finishing, movement and pressing. Plus he’s a boyhood Liverpool fan, even from Northampton.
  10. The idea of Conte being in charge of that United squad scares me. Let Ole keep “progressing” for two more seasons.
  11. I remember watching Ireland lose to Austria in the Irish Centre in 95. Babb and Mcateer both feigned injury and popped their head round the corner half arsed with Ireland losing 3-1. The pub nearly lynched them. still, despite Babb’s limitations and nocturnal dalliances, I still see Collymore as our worst ever signing. We could and should have signed Sheringham who would have done to our 94-95 team what Cantona did for their nearly rans. If Roy had a leader on the pitch, who knows how that Team would have developed…instead he had The Disruptor Stan who once jumped on the poor kid Warner after a Fowler had ripped up his suit.
  12. As well as a great player, he seems a really good kid. He showed his class in the way he applauded their applauds, although the songs Leeds fans sang when he was down and afterwards, confirms why they are utter scum. “There’s only one Don Revie” during the Busby minute silence. Down there with Millwall and Chelsea IMO. Just a quick comment on the reaction of players when someone has a horrific injury, and this nothing on just Mo. Instead of always running away with head in hands, maybe support the poor sod who has had a career threatening injury and is lying in pain. Imagine if a soldier ran away at the sight of their comrade with a their guts spilling out. That’s when they need their mates most.
  13. JoeBuck01

    Michael Edwards to step down

    Surely it's Raiola's insistence on putting a buy out clause in there for another rainy day which is the problem. In which case you negotiate, tell them that it doesn't come into effect for 4 years but Raiola gets his 20% when it does. Of course, Haaland is a megolmanic child who could upset any well established team morale.
  14. we've got 265 points over the past 3 seasons, the same as City. Jurgen is right to go again with the same players.... we've just added Thiago, Jota, Konate , decent left back cover and Harvey Elliott to our championship winning side. To counter this though, Lallana is a big loss.
  15. JoeBuck01

    Michael Edwards to step down

    when he was scouting Minamino, maybe he should have noticed the big Norwegian lad next to him. I think a Sporting Director should be judged on the gems they find. This summer, we needed him to find the next Bissouma at £15-20m, not the established one at £50m. Likewise, surely there's a better £15-20m back up striker out there than Divock. It also seems we have continuously priced players from being sold, which if you need that money for purchases, is a bit of a stupid strategy, as you end up with no one.