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  1. This is the same tiny minority that would blab on forever about PEDs, VAR, PL conspiracies etc. if we finish the season. Everyone else (i.e. people in football with a functioning brain) recognise that we're deserving champions. As for not having the joy of lifting the trophy, that would be a bit shit but should be good extra motivation to win number 20 in front of the fans.
  2. Agreed - I was making a conservative estimate of the clubs that might vote for it. In practice, suspect the number will be much smaller (probably just bottom 3).
  3. Assuming the season can't be completed, they will need some mechanism to decide the entrants to next season's PL and CL. Voiding the season would imply a re-run with the same clubs as 2019/20. That would mean: - Robbing the title from us - Denying Leicester a nailed on place in the CL - Denying United a probable spot in the CL (assuming City's ban is upheld) at the expense of Arsenal (5th place last year) - Denying Leeds and West Brom a £100m promotion windfall - Bonus year in the PL for Villa, Bournemouth and Norwich Seems pretty unlikely that the above would be chosen over simply ending the season after match day 29. The only clubs with an incentive to support voiding are bottom 3, City/Everton (out of spite) and Arsenal/Spurs.