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  1. lightother

    The New Everton Manager

    The self loathing on here is making me sick
  2. lightother

    The New Everton Manager

    Martinez it is. He turned us down , oh the shame
  3. lightother

    The New Everton Manager

    This! You would hope so or the daft nob should chinned for it , embarrassing
  4. lightother

    The New Everton Manager

    278 comments and counting , I mean who gives a fuck about who managers those pricks next year?
  5. lightother

    Di Canio interview (or rant!?)

    He won't last 6 months ! The players will sort him out.
  6. lightother

    LFC Ultras

    It's Embarrassing , a load of pissed urchins from breck rd acting nobheads. If you need some whopper setting off a flare to spunk yourself at the match you should follow Preston or Cardiff, this will mean fewer tickets at away games so fuck off !
  7. lightother

    The New Everton Manager

    Who fuckin cares? We've got enough shit to worry about at our own club
  8. God help those people who still live in that shithole, next match you go to have a wander around about 2 hours after a game ,you will be shitting yourself just being there . Those folks are living with it everyday of their lives.
  9. lightother

    Punchable Faces

    This thread is an embarrassment
  10. lightother

    Other football

    The dive by fat wig head was just ridiculous, it was bordering on slapstick .
  11. lightother

    Ian Ayre is a fucking cunt

    This thread is ludicrous !
  12. This is Ooredoo , that will have them shitting themselves
  13. lightother

    Newcastle Away 27/04

    Will go for a 2.1 win Sturridge and Gerrard
  14. lightother

    arsenal's 'guard of honour'!?

    It's like the whole 3 cheers thing for the team that's just stuffed yours when you played for school ! You hated it but did it because it was right ( and ya didn't want to piss off Ya PE teacher Mr Bastard)