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  1. Priory Doctor

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    Bump. I think they are both season ticket holders
  2. Priory Doctor

    Best uncapped players

    Sad to think that these five Everton players never received a call up. All excellent players, and you see some of the bog average ones that did receive caps over the years.. : Johnny Morrissey Howard Kendall Andy King Adrian Heath Mickel Arteta
  3. Priory Doctor

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    A couple of mad Kopites on Pointless this Wednesday. Although the mad bit.goes without saying.
  4. Tim Howard doesn't spill that last minute free kick straight to the Porto player in the Champions league game at Old Trafford. No sliding Mourinho soaking up the glory. No Porto Champions League win Probably no move to Chelsea to spend multi millions of dodgy Russian money and win trophies galore,and the moves that followed for Mourinho. He should give thanks to old rubber wrists Howard every day.
  5. Priory Doctor

    Great Documentaries

    Tonight on BBC2 at 9pm.."The Funeral Murders" Those old enough to remember that awful time in "The Troubles" in N.Ireland in 1988 Truly shocking and barbaric,even 30 years on.
  6. Priory Doctor

    Drink Driving

    I would have drunk driving classed as gross misconduct and a sackable offence. Don't care who you are or what you do for don't do for a living .
  7. Priory Doctor

    Steven Gerrards Vincent bar/restaurant in Liverpool

    "Excuse me waiter..I asked for mustard, not mouse turd"
  8. Priory Doctor

    Interesting Comments from Carra...

    The fact remains that, irrespective of their achievements as professional footballers, both Sky and BT have employed ex footballers as experts. The same guys who you wouldn't trust to put a cross in a ballot box in the right place . I give you David James and Paul Merson as examples And as for the idea that you should respect their views more, as they were ex pro's, if you apply that to any other walk of life,then that argument falls flat. Ex Police chiefs,MP's eg.
  9. Fined 20 grand yesterday for severe mouse infestation. The pictures on the Echo website are horrendous. They pleaded poverty in court saying they were losing 150 grand a year. Interviewed afterwards the management said they were the most popular,vibrant pace in Liverpool for the last few years Got off lightly-and god knows why anybody goes to these gaffs that charge the earth to massage the egos of gangsters and wannabe gangsters molls.
  10. Priory Doctor

    Interesting Comments from Carra...

    Carragher to walk away from Sky,and move to the BBC for Saturday nights next season. He will be presenting Grotch of the Day.
  11. Priory Doctor

    Early Cheltenham 2018 thread

    Is Un De Sceaux still running? I thought that I heard it was a non runner on the radio today.
  12. Obviously they will shit the bed ,the same as the previous "Golden Generation" did at major tournaments. Where they will be particularly poor is the defence. The goalkeepers are either inexperienced ( Pickford, Butland) or past it and out of form (Hart). Even worse are the centre back options:- Smalling,who is an accident waiting to happen, or Cahill, Jones,Stones who can't get regular starting places in their club sides.. Can't see them getting any further than the Group stage or the next knock out round.
  13. Priory Doctor

    Porto(h) Champions League- Match Thread

    You can get 8/15 for your reserves to beat that lot tonight. Buying money.
  14. Priory Doctor

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He was ill a couple of years ago, but seemed to make a good recovery. I think he is just tired of it all, has finally got an investor in and probably feels he wants out now.Only my opinion like.
  15. Priory Doctor

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Aye, strong rumours he is going by the end of this month. Can't say I blame him...the game has moved away from the likes of him having stewardship of Premier League Clubs. A sad day, as he always come across as a decent guy,who helped steer the club through poor financial years,and become a beacon in Community work and looking after ex players. Just a pity he didn't have a trophy to show for it.