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  1. Indian Red

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I`ll be guzzling my home brewed stout. Was supposed to be a 6 percenter but the fuckin yest died so it is some where between 1.5% - 2%. I am calling it the Yeast Killing Session Stout.
  2. Indian Red

    Salad Cream

    Salad fucking cream. Seriously. You fucking wankers. Salad is ghas foos as we say in India. It is dry leaves of some plant. Not even cooked. It`s meant for cows and goats you fucknuggets. Does not deserve any cream, let alone mine on it. Babel would shake his head and he`d be right
  3. Indian Red

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Unbelievable how things have turned after that Lords test. Dont know how we keep failing this miserably.
  4. Indian Red

    Fucking Mork has died

    Nanu Nanu
  5. Indian Red

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Is there any chance of rain? Please god let it rain. Dhoni is good under pressure but chips against us as it stands.
  6. Indian Red

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Lovely. England out bounced by us. How the fuck that happened from 173/4, I`ve no idea, but I`ll take it.
  7. Indian Red

    The Official Cricket Thread

    This one is slowly slipping away. Have been leaking runs all innings. Need a breakthrough
  8. Indian Red

    The Official Cricket Thread

    This is going to be one great game assuming neither team takes a lead of 50 plus runs. Should be some good cricket over the weekend.