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    Hillsborough + Radio 1

    complaint sent. cockwits.
  2. Bogman

    European Cup QF, 2nd Leg vs Chelsea

    They came out with the same conviction that they showed in the first half, and their only real chance of the game ended with Pepe's helping hand. IF that hadn't gone in, who knows. I'm not denying Hiddink had a pop at the players, but until their lucky goal, they still weren't at the races. Remember Olympiacos in 2005, remember how we started the second half, well that wasn't Chelsea on Tuesday night, so I don't describe to the fact that it was the manager that change the course of the game. But that's IMO.
  3. Bogman

    European Cup QF, 2nd Leg vs Chelsea

    Nail, head and finger. Correct, but every tv pundit, journalist, radio presenter thinks otherwise. Was it bollocks, it was exactly as you put it.
  4. Bogman

    didier drogba

    So that's a yes then ;)
  5. Bogman

    Pepe Reina you Bottler

    Nice weather for the time of year, don't you think?
  6. Bogman

    Pepe Reina you Bottler

    I'm sure he/she/it is an insult to all "mongii"
  7. Bogman

    Pepe Reina you Bottler

    Your village is thataway--------------------------------------->
  8. Bogman

    Proud of our lads there.

    Good post John, can hold our heads up high, can take so much from this game into the business end of the season. Tonite just emphasizes exactly what supporting Liverpool is all about - not giving up whatever the world throws at us. Tonite, I'm again, one proud scouser. Justice to the 96.
  9. Bogman

    Pepe Reina you Bottler

    Nah, but you never know........................
  10. Bogman


    He's a slim Molby. Fucking quality tonite, and I do hope Rafa see's sense and doesn't get rid. Been boss this season.
  11. Bogman

    Pepe Reina you Bottler

    I see some village has lost it's idiot tonite. There are some real fucking plebs supporting our team.
  12. Bogman

    Gillett and Hicks (ownership saga)

    Tom Hicks' Sports Group defaults on loans 09:25 AM CDT on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 By GARY JACOBSON / The Dallas Morning News gjacobson@dallasnews.com Tom Hicks' sports holding company, Hicks Sports Group, which owns the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars, officially went into default Monday on $525 million of loans. Hicks stopped making interest-only payments March 31 as he renegotiates the teams' debt with about 40 lenders. The loan agreements mature in December 2010 and December 2011, according to lending data available on Bloomberg. Tom Hicks' Sports Group defaults on loans | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Dallas Business News
  13. Bogman

    Jamie Carragher.

    Agreed. He doesn't need to stand out to be having a great season, that just shows how well the team as a whole has been playing. Superb defender, and taking my rose tinted glasses off, for a second, is a better defender, than anything the English team has at the moment. Is one of the first names on the teamsheet, along side Stevie, Nando and Pepe.
  14. Bogman

    Gillett and Hicks (ownership saga)

    Doddle. Only a mere £175 million.
  15. Bogman


    Just joshing. You never know though.
  16. Bogman


    Good news day. 7pm they'll announce Fabio's signed an extension too.
  17. Bogman

    Contract Updates

    GERRARD AGREES NEW CONTRACT Paul Eaton 03 April 2009 Liverpool Football Club today confirmed Steven Gerrard has agreed a two-year extension to his current contract. The Liverpool skipper, who has two years to run on his current deal, will soon put pen to paper on a new agreement to keep him at Anfield until at least 2013. With manager Rafa Benitez and key members of his backroom team signing new contracts over the past two weeks, Gerrard's deal is another timely boost as the Reds look to end the season on a high. Speaking exclusively to Liverpoolfc.tv this morning, Benitez said: "This is fantastic news for the club. "Steven has once again shown his commitment and it was an easy deal to agree. As soon as we offered him the option he said yes. There were no problems at all. He wants to stay for life. "This deal sends out another clear message that we are moving forward as a club. To know we have a player of Steven's quality with us for many more years is a great boost for the club and the fans. "He is clearly a player who inspires those around him and even though he is playing very well at the moment, I still think his best years are ahead of him."
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    That's more manicured
  19. Bogman


    02/04/2009 Will Liverpool be signing David Silva? The transfer rumour section of the site has been inundated with the same question over the past week “Will Liverpool be signing David Silva”… I wrote last week that the stories claiming Rafa Benitez had been allocated a fixed transfer budget were false and I also explained, in the same article, that as a consequence, it is far too soon to start talking about players who Liverpool will definitely be signing or even bidding for once the transfer window opens. Nothing has really changed on that front despite a sudden flurry of stories linking several players with a summer move to Anfield. To start talking about the players who will be signing in the summer is getting in to the realms of speculation and I`m afraid that all the questions asking for a definitive answer simply cannot be answered honestly at the moment. WIN A SPAIN SHIRT SIGNED BY XABI ALONSO With regards to David Silva, I can say that yes, it is true that Rafa Benitez is keen on the Valencia player and he was very upset that the La Liga side leaked his interest to the press. It is clear that, taking in to account their current financial plight, Valencia must act in their own interest to ensure they get the maximum possible return on selling any players and that means generating a bidding war by going public. Juventus are also very keen on him. Of course, the rumours about him signing for Liverpool have died down ever since Rafa announced at last Fridays press conference that he was not interested at the €20 million price being touted. However this all ties in with our earlier discussion: that the Liverpool boss is not yet certain how much he will have to spend and therefore how to allocate his funds. This does not mean that Rafa is now not interested in David Silva, as it has been interpreted elsewhere; and I wonder if it is not part of some strategy. Players were offered to Valencia in exchange – surely Voronin and possibly even Benayoun – and the Spanish side would certainly be happy to do that kind of a deal if their valuation of Silva is met. With regards to funding, this is where Liverpool and Benitez are handicapped in relation to some of their competitors at the top level. €20 million is not an extortionate amount for a player of David Silva`s calibre – but if, as usual, it turns out to be a substantial part of Rafa`s budget, it leaves little in reserve for other re-enforcements, and Benitez must get it absolutely right: there is no margin for error. I believe that if it were possible to sign David Silva for between €15 – 18 million, then Benitez would do so. Would Silva make a good signing for Liverpool? Well, there is no doubting that Silva certainly possesses the technical ability – and on that score he would be an upgrade on Benayoun – or Luis Garcia – to play on the left and complement Gerrard and Torres, particularly at Anfield where visiting teams close down more often than not. However, despite the fact that Eduardo Macia, who signed him for Valencia, is his biggest fan, there are doubts about Silva`s personality (a similar situation exists with Albiol, who is also fancied by Rafa, but there are concerns over his mental strength). David Silva has been a little unfocused lately and playing below par. Of course, circumstances at Valencia are difficult at the moment, but these are the times that reveal a players real character. Silva comes across as someone who may struggle to adapt to a new country, culture and language: more Reyes than Reina in that sense. However, if surrounded by the right people, and with the strong Spanish influence at Anfield, who knows. I do know that because of that, he would prefer a move to Liverpool over a move to Juventus. Of course, everyone has been asking: will he or won`t he sign? That has not been answered, nor can it be. It is still too early to start making predictions and between now and the summer, anything can happen. There is little point in guessing and much depends on appealing alternatives in Spain – like Barcelona. At this point, we are really only talking about a potential transfer, however, Benitez is still interested and who knows, depending on the summer budget, the deal may still be on the table even at €20 million. With regard to all other questions about David Villa and Samuel Eto`o: there has been no approach for David Villa from Liverpool; while on the subject of the Barcelona forward, I suspect we will be revisiting that subject fairly soon. Oooooooo Gulliem, you cock-tease.
  20. Bogman

    Contract Updates

    Fingers crossed and all that jazz. Ta m0e.
  21. Bogman

    McParland's back, Macia not gone!

    fuck me, some people would moan just for the sake of moaning. Rafa wants his men around him, and if Franks the man Rafa wants, it ain't gonna affect the likes of you and me. Now quit bitching and go and worry about something more important in life, like where you'll be when the sun implodes. Geeez, no pleasing people.
  22. Bogman

    Summer '09 Transfer Speculation Thread

    would do for starters. all the omens for a better quality of player coming in from now on, are looking good.
  23. Bogman

    Is the end nigh for Owen?

    I'd concur with that. So, there you are, concured.