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  1. Plev


    It’s bad, but I’m fully onboard with the message in this one
  2. Plev


    Used to do the same to people in our footy team if you got subbed and got back the changing rooms early , but with deep heat rather than Novichok.
  3. Like trying to choose which of your kids you like best. In front of them.
  4. Plev

    The McCanns...

    The other thing about the dogs is that they don’t give two shits whether it’s Kate McCann or whoever, they can’t lie, they just react to what they’re trained to pick up.
  5. Plev

    The McCanns...

    Okay so because the scent wasn’t picked up actually in the boot, but was literally leaking out of the car, it can be dismissed? Fair enough.
  6. Plev

    The McCanns...

    The cadaver dog picked up the scent through the drivers door seal, which is why it barked. In the video when it passes the car it runs around with its head in the air because it’s picked up a scent.
  7. Plev

    The McCanns...

    There’s two dogs in the video. First is the cadaver dog, second one is the blood dog.
  8. Plev

    The McCanns...

    To be honest, the blood dog doesn’t even come into it for me. The cadaver dog is the one. Behind the sofa, wardrobe, flower bed outside the window. Then her clothes, the cat teddy (which had been washed!? Who washes a missing kids teddy when it’s one of the things with her scent on!) the hire car. Along with all the other inconsistencies in the interviews, it definitely warrants further attention.
  9. Plev

    The McCanns...

    Not sure if it was the same one, but there was one where the dogs had alerted at different properties that the guy had lived in so they thought it couldn’t possibly be right. When the guy confessed he admitted he’d moved the body around with him. I’m sure there’s lots of cases were the dogs have been right. It’s the one part of this case that convinces me that they know what happened to her.
  10. Plev

    The McCanns...

    One odd thing that stands out for me was the reaction to the dogs signals. If I was innocent and the dogs signalled in the apartment, I’d be worried that she’s been killed by the abductor in the room, whereas they’ve tried to rubbish the findings from the off. And before Rico starts going on about coconut shells, you should read up on the dogs, they’re very impressive.
  11. Plev

    The McCanns...

    I think leaving 3 Kids under 3 alone in an apartment isn’t credible, and I’m really surprised that people think that’s a normal thing to do on holiday. But each to their own. I was away last year and a young girl of about six hurt herself around the pool. Looked around for her mum and nan who she was with and they were in another part of the complex getting pissed on the all inclusive.
  12. Plev

    The McCanns...

    Just out of interest have you read any of the interviews they and there friends did with the Portuguese police? They released them all when they wrapped up the case. They’re a bit of an eye opener I think, very evasive, almost overthinking every answer given. All very odd.
  13. Plev

    The McCanns...

    I don’t think the police lost the bag, the issue with the bag if I remember correctly was that he denied having a large blue hold-all, yet on the photos of the room just after the incident, there’s a big blue hold-all in the wardrobe.