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  1. neopulian

    The ultimate Captain thread

    In my football watching lifetime, only Sami and StevieG are the real choices. Rather hard but I'll go with the Phil Collins' fan.
  2. neopulian

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    I'm out of superlatives for this Liverpool team. Wolves were a good and tricky opposition, as expected. Traore was a nuisance and caused Robertson endless problems. Salah was too selfish and squandered too many good opportunities by refusing to square the ball -- the sort of stuffs that usually caused rows between teammates and created bad vibes, sinking team-spirit like how it annoyed anxious supporters. But this team kept on going and going, overcoming obstacles both without and within like another walk in the park, deservingly notched another win. Not the smoothest of performances, but this just might had been my most favorite Liverpool game of this memorable season. What did Klopp call this group of players? Mentality giants? At this point that is no exaggeration.
  3. VVD -- another dominant performance. Also the scorer of the winning goal. Wijn -- brillian press resistor. Hendo - captain performance.
  4. Alisson, Firmino, VVD. It was hairy, the boys looked dead tired near the end; and since Atkinson bought into Spurs' diving early on, we were scared to touch them. Alisson's solid handling saved our bacon repeatedly.
  5. neopulian

    Spurs (A) Premier League 11/1/2020 - 17:30

    Is Virg okay? He took a little long to get up after a tackle.
  6. Nope. Leicester had like 2 shots, one blocked, the other into the side netting.
  7. Did everyone not complain about Bobby's form just a week or so ago?
  8. Finally some breathing space.
  9. Same game plane as when they played us at Anfield. Playing possum for 60 minutes then turned up. They were even more passive this time and we didn't capitalize on the numerous chances we had. Now the game is tense.