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  1. neopulian

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Never mind. I obviously didn't see that other clip. Very moving indeed to see Hendo, VVD, Gomez, and Milner in a big embrace.
  2. neopulian

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    That was Joe Gomez (#12). You're right. Hendo looked shattered.
  3. neopulian

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Nope, not even remotely similar. I'll leave you to work out the difference between RBL's unwillingness to sell and we pre-paid the release clause to this above hypothetical situation.
  4. neopulian

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Right, loaning out a €80-million player as "future prospect". Are you mad? The shitstorm backlash would be biblical and well deserved. Not to mention, there is not a snowball chance in hell De Ligt would sign if that's the plan for him.
  5. Impossible to pick only 3 from: Mane, Fabinho, Gini, TAA, Alisson, et al... Everyone was immense. Only Shaqiri was questionable and even he provided an assist. Argh, fuck it. 1. Mane -- our key threat all night, even if he didn't score. 2. Gini 3. TAA
  6. neopulian

    Alisson Becker

    There's still Trent and his 66.
  7. neopulian

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Except that he isn't? I don't watch RBL often (only their Europa games), he didn't look anything a classic 9 in any of the game -- for either RBL or Germany -- that I've seen. Very much a hybrid modern counterattacking player.
  8. neopulian

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    GK: set (Becker), need backup because Mignolet should leave (for playing time). RB: set (TAA), need back up, Camacho will leave, if I understand the situation correctly. LB: set (Robbo), need back up, Moreno is heading to Barcelona's bench. CBs: set (VVD, Gomes, Matip, Lovren), need replacement for Lovren if we sell, chance is we won't. DM: set (Fabinho, Hendo to cover). B2B: set, more or less (Hendo, Gini, Oxlain, Naby), need to replace Milner, that'll be difficult because he's so versatile and could cover so many positions. Might need 2 or 3 players just to replace Milner, that's pretty mind boggling. Forwards: set (Firmino, Salah, Mane, with Shaqiri and Origi as cover). Perhaps need a bit more depth here, although we might need to consider how that would obstruct Brewster's progress. Origi fighting his way back from the cold was a surprise, though I'm not convinced he'll ever capture the form he had before getting hacked down by Funes Mori. Hard to that when you don't get a run of games. The way I see it we are in a great position -- we don't have to make big signings, only need to make them when opportunities present themselves.
  9. neopulian

    Virgil Van Dijk

    He joined us on the back of a good World Cup, then didn't do too well with Souness and got dropped for a while (can't quite recall all the circumstances). After Roy got installled, he was ever present at the heart of our back 3. Michael Thomas also got rehabilitated by Roy. Come to think of it, we've bought quite a few players because they were decent at a major tournament. Mark Wright was probably our best at CB, because the runner up was Phil Babb and I have no idea how to rank Torben Piechnik, who was absolutely wank despite being the rock at the center of Denmark's defense that won Euro 1992.
  10. neopulian

    Man of the match - Game 45 - Chelsea - Home - PL

    Mane -- his goal might not be as eye-pleasing, but it was the most crucial one. He was also a more constant threat. Hendo -- right on point, he knew just what we needed and provided it. Klopp -- superb timely substitution of Gini.
  11. neopulian


    Likewise. I don't think he's playing regularly for Juventus either.
  12. neopulian

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    I like Henderson. He has to disprove his doubters every time he shows up, and he's still here.
  13. neopulian

    Gerrard new r*ngers manager????

    When the last time a Norwegian fought for anything, eh?
  14. neopulian

    Gerrard new r*ngers manager????

    Hmm, Stevie G or Brodgers? Tough choice. Oh wait, fuck right off, Brendan! I want a strong Rangers. There had been too much of that treasonous separatist momentum when Celtic alone rule that joke of a league.
  15. neopulian

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    I'm glad we weren't going full steam ahead once issue arose with the physicals. There isn't a shortage of good/potential players in similar mold: Bernard, Bruno Fernandes, Lucas Paqueta, Julian Draxler, Gonzalo Guedes, Emil Forsberg, et al...