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    Most likely, Deuces Wild card game is a well-known game among enthusiasts of card games. This game captivates with its simplicity and allure as you embark on a gambling adventure.
    Your task is to wager and commence the game. To create the most optimal hand, you must decide which cards to retain and which to replace. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to boost your bet up to an astounding x800.
    In the game of Deuces Wild, a renowned poker variant featuring a 5-card exchange, players are dealt 5 cards to commence the second round.  Incorporated within the game is an intriguing attribute allowing players to amplify their earnings at will. Known as the Gamble (Risk Game), this distinctive feature permits individuals to potentially double their winnings up to a maximum of 5 times.
    Deuces Wild video poker: general characteristics of the game 
    The classic principles of Deuces Wild video poker are upheld. With a standard deck of 52 cards bereft of jokers, the absence is ingeniously filled by the versatile twos, aptly named wilds. These wild twos seamlessly substitute any absent element to form the coveted winning combination.
    The initiation of this game takes place with the distribution of a set of five playing cards to the player. Upon receiving these cards, the player has the liberty to discard any unwanted ones and substitute them with new ones. In the case of Deuces Wild video poker, only this singular benefit is available to the gamblers, as no additional rewards or bonuses are granted.
    The control panel of the game is designed for easy comprehension of each button's function by all users. To discard cards, simply click on the ones you wish to retain.
    In this version of the game, the developers have included numerous customizable options for players to enjoy, as well as a helpful reference section that includes a payout table and statistics. Alongside these convenient features, one major benefit of the Wild Doubles edition is its direct browser play capability.
    Deuces Wild stands as an exhilarating rendition of video poker, captivating the hearts of gambling enthusiasts. This particular variant holds a straightforward essence, effortlessly graspable in its simplicity. As per usual, your objective remains constant – to construct the most extraordinary hand of five cards. Interestingly, the magnitude of your reward commensurates with the age of the accumulated combination. Rest assured, the payout table is ever-present, conveniently displayed on your screen.
    Start by determining your wager. Utilize the buttons situated at the screen's lower section to accomplish this. You have the flexibility to select between 1 and 5 coins, alongside the option to determine the value of each coin, which can range from 0.02 to 20.
    By utilizing the 'Max Bet' feature, you have the option to bypass these procedures completely and place the maximum bet in a single action. Subsequently, initiating the game commences upon clicking the 'Deal' button. Within this process, you shall receive a total of 5 cards, granting you the liberty to select the cards worthy of preservation. It goes without saying that you possess the capability to alter all 5 cards if desired. To conclude, a single press of the 'Draw' button replaces your chosen cards with alternative ones.
    Should you manage to create a successful blend, your winnings will be promptly disbursed to you.
    Theme and graphics
    Deuces Wild stands as an enthralling rendition of video poker, capable of captivating one's focus for an extended duration. The rules of play in this variant are astonishingly straightforward, making it accessible even to novices unfamiliar with poker. Lamentably, it lacks a compelling backdrop, although the visuals themselves are of exceptional quality. Boasting the merits of the HTML5 platform, it swiftly launches and functions seamlessly devoid of any hiccups or glitches.
    No downloads required; just a browser. Moreover, Deuces Wild offers seamless gameplay on all contemporary mobile devices. Looking for a change from repetitive video slots? Look no further than Deuces Wild. An ideal choice for any player, especially poker enthusiasts.
    Video poker Deuces Wild: features of the game 
    The unique appeal of Wild Deuces lies in its inclusivity, offering anyone and everyone the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of poker. Unlike traditional poker rooms that may require gamblers to possess specific knowledge, video poker takes a different approach. It allows anyone to relish in a delightful gaming experience, free from the pressures of possessing advanced skills.
    In order to begin playing, having knowledge of the prize combinations is sufficient, as the poker player will need to strategically discard and retain specific cards. To aid in this process, the provider has included a comprehensive table that encompasses all essential information. Additionally, the player possesses the freedom to contemplate future moves for as long as they deem necessary.
    Hence, it is crucial for newcomers to thoroughly analyze the combinations multiple times prior to dealing the cards, enabling them to arrive at an informed choice.
    Owning a casino that solely concentrates on slot machines doesn't mean that investing in poker software is unnecessary. There may come a point when a gambler grows weary of endlessly spinning the reels and craves something different. By promptly providing them with alternative entertainment options, you not only keep them engaged but also ensure their loyalty as a customer.
    Strategy for playing video poker Deuces Wild
    Insane twos - the title alone alludes to the significance of deuces in this slot game. Consequently, we shall delve into two distinct scenarios: one where the player possesses cards containing twos, and the other where they do not.
    In the event that there exist cards containing the quantity of two:
    Maintain the existing cards as they are without making any alterations, which is the most ideal scenario.
    Store cards in a chaotic sequence or when a set of five identical cards is at hand.
    Retain any sequence from a rack or above in the combination 2-2-2. Should no such sequence be found, discard all cards apart from the twos.
    Retain four cards to form a straight flush or three cards for a royal flush, assuming that such combinations are possible. In the absence of these options, discard all cards except the twos.
    In the event that no twos are present among the cards at hand
    To maintain a straight flush, hold on to four cards:
    If you desire a royal flush, ensure to retain a trio of cards.
    Retain four cards if you achieve a flush.
    You are allowed to choose two single-suited cards, ranging from a ten to a king.
    Preserve all feasible combinations.
    In the event that none of the previously mentioned options align, it is imperative to remove and disregard all five cards without hesitation.
    Players can rely on the aforementioned compilations as a quick reference until they commit them to memory.

  • Monday Jan 15:
    Seems like all our kids are being recalled from loan this month. Beck was needed here, but Carvalho, Williams, Phillips (not a kid, but the point stands), Koumetio and probably others have been called back. Chambers has been sent out to Wigan now that Beck has come back, but we probably need to look a bit more closely at where we’re sending these lads as for the most part it’s like we’re wasting everyone’s time. Tyler Morton is doing well at Hull though, and he did well at Blackburn last year too. He’s a rare success story.
    Balagizi was another one we called back, I almost forgot about him. Ramsay as well. Fucking hell, this is turning into a long list.
    Meanwhile, Everton are in trouble again. Another charge and from what I can tell it’s basically the same as the last one. Even the time period is similar. I don’t really understand this one fully as I haven’t looked that deeply into it, but it seems that it’s a three year rolling period that includes two of the years they’ve already been docked ten points for. I can’t be arsed wasting time reading up on it this time as I wasted far too much time and energy looking into the last one. The rules are there, everyone knows what they are and Everton have put in accounts that put them in breach of the rules. The case is open and shut again so presumably they’ll get punished again.
    Have to say, as giddy as I’ve always been about the prospect of them going down, this is doing nothing for me. I don’t have sympathy for them, this mess is entirely of their own making, but I’m getting no real pleasure from it either. Another 10 point deduction might get them relegated but not if Forest also get one. That would be the most Everton thing ever, getting deducted 20 points but still finishing 17th.
    The reason it’s doing nothing for me though is that all I can think of is that City are still just carrying on regardless, while teams who have done nothing even remotely as bad are sweating about having points deducted. Everton and Forest will deserve whatever comes their way, but it fucking stinks that because City have cheated to such an incredible extent, they get to wait years before having to answer charges. I know why it takes time, but that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach.
    I said on the forum that Everton are shoplifters and City are serial killers, but it’s easier to prosecute the shoplifter. Doesn’t make it any more palatable though does it. Those cunts are probably going to pip us to yet another league title while this drags on. It’s not right, and when they do get punished anything less than every title they have being stripped is not acceptable. I’ll keep saying it, but the only punishment that is appropriate is one that makes them think “wow, it wasn’t worth it”. Otherwise what’s the point? Even a severe sanction means fuck all if at the end of it City think “yeah if we could do it over we wouldn’t change a thing”.
    Forest’s beef seems to be that they would have been under the allowable loss if they’d sold Brennan Johnson in June, but they didn’t do it then because they knew they’d get considerably more money if they sold in August when clubs were more desperate. Tough shit, you don’t get to pick and choose. Maybe don’t spend money if you know you’re sailing close to the wind? They bought about 30 fucking players in their first summer back in the top flight. If you can’t do that within the rules then don’t do it. Look at Wolves, they knew they were in trouble so they sold Neves and stopped buying new players. Their manager quit over it, but guess what, they came in under the number and aren’t getting docked any points.
    Do you know what the funniest thing about all this is though? Today is “Blue Monday”.

  • Not a full round of fixtures as some clubs are on their winter break but there were a fair few games this weekend and most of the results went fairly well for us.
    There was one exception of course, the fucking cheating cunts pulled within two points of us at the top and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve got this sense of burning injustice welling up inside me already. If we lose out to them by a point or two again, after what happened at Spurs and with them having 115 charges hanging over them seemingly indefinitely (I know a date has been set, but their lawyers will find a way to get an extension) while other clubs who have done far less serious crimes are being punished…. I don’t know what I’ll do, but it will be hard to even think about carrying on following this fucking joke of a sport.
    I’m not taking their win at Newcastle very well at all, but it’s not about that particular game. It’s everything. They’ve cheated for a decade now and completely distorted the league, and even though everyone knows about it they’re just allowed to carry on winning titles at the expense of us and others. Other clubs break the rules and it’s dealt with fairly swiftly, but they’ve broken so many rules they’re basically getting away scot free. By the time they eventually have to answer for what they’ve done, Guardiola and most of the players will have filled their trophy cabinets and won’t give a fuck what happens.
    And we’ll be left looking at a handful of second placed finishes that should be first place because we were playing by the rules and those cunts weren’t. I fucking despise City with every fibre of my being. I hated United when they were winning everything but it was completely different. I was pretty pissed off with us for not being able to do anything about it and there was a grudging respect there as well as a hint of jealousy. I’m in no way shape or form jealous of anything when it comes to City, I have no respect for their ‘achievements’ and nothing in this world would make me happier than if they were thrown out of professional football and made to play Sunday League.
    I hate them so much I can’t even take any consolation in the fact it was Newcastle whose hearts they broke. I didn’t watch the game but I had Goldbridge’s live watch along on. He kept referencing their cheating, the 115 charges and also how Rodri seems to be immune from a second yellow card. Basically all the stuff that we say about City, he’s saying. It’s refreshing to hear someone who isn’t a Liverpool fan calling out this shit.
    If Newcastle had managed to hold onto their 2-1 lead it would have given us such an enormous boost for next week. A five point cushion with them still having to come to Anfield would have been a pretty strong position. Now it’s two fucking points and De Bruyne is back, and the Blobfish robot up front won’t be out for too much longer either. It feels ominous.
    The PL hate City, I have no doubt about that, as they have completely tarnished the integrity of the competition. The problem is PGMOL fucking love them. No wonder, when half of the refs are being paid for side gigs by City’s chairman. The PL needs to step in here and tell Webb to sort this shit out, because if we get down to the last couple of games and it’s neck and neck or we are just a point behind them, that Spurs debacle is going to loom very large.
    The time to act is now, the PL need to put pressure on Webb to sort this shit out. Cheats shouldn’t prosper.
    The only thing I saw from this game was Bernardo Silva’s goal and that was only because Twitter exploded about it. “Goal of the season” “Stop that Bernardo Silva” “what a baller” and other such nauseating shit. I watched the clip of it, and it’s nothing special. I say it all the time, but that’s an Usher-esque finish, I used to score them virtually every week. It’s not that hard.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice goal and a tidy little finish, I’m just saying that anyone hyping that up as goal of the season knows nothing about finishing. It’s not even goal of the weekend, let alone the season.
    The only other thing I have to say about this is “fuck Kevin De Bruyne and his stupid haircut|”. There was a time when he was the only thing about City I didn’t hate, but fuck all that. I hate him as much I hate the rest of them now. Fuck him and his stupid Prince Harry face.

  • There are so many online casinos out there that it can be hard to know where to begin. When the world closed down in 2020, even more online casinos emerged, and UK punters now have thousands to choose from. While choice is great, finding the one that suits you isn’t so easy.
    With different bonuses, payment options, game offerings and terms and conditions, how do you know which are the best? Thankfully, we’re here to help. Our guide will give you information about all the best online casinos right now. We’ve done all the hard work and research for you so all you need to do is choose from our ranked list.
    How We Rate Online Casinos
    When we look for the best 10 online casinos, there are a number of things we look out for. Firstly, we ensure the online casino is fully licensed and regulated within the UK by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This organisation is one of the strictest in the world so you can rest assured that the casino will look after you as a customer.
    Secondly, we look at what the casino has to offer. We review its games, variety, whether it has a live dealer section or a sportsbook, and whether there are good bonuses with decent terms and conditions. We also consider the range of payment methods and the speeds offered as well. All these aspects create an overall picture of the online casino, which helps us to decide where to place them in our ranked list. Here’s what we came up with.
    When we started looking for top online casinos, Barz surprised us. We hadn’t really come across this site much, but we were pleasantly surprised by what we found. Yes, the minimum deposit is higher at £20 compared to BetUK. However, you can make your deposits with a huge range of banking options, including modern e-wallets like Revolut and Apple Pay.
    Most people choose to play with their mobiles and so Barz ensures its mobile site is top quality. There are plenty of games (even more than BetUK) and it also has a solid UKGC license. In terms of its bonus, this is higher than BetUK’s as it offers 100% up to a maximum of £300 as well as 50 spins. These do come with high wagering requirements of 40x, though, which is why we’ve placed this site as our number two.
    Jackpot Village
    In at number four is Jackpot Village. This is a popular casino for UK players because of its welcome bonus. If you’ve visited an online casino before, you’ll know just how much everyone loves the classic slot title Book of Dead. Well, this is what draws new customers to Jackpot Village. Here, you get 200 free spins on the Book of Dead slot simply by making a minimum deposit of £20. You also get a no-deposit bonus just for registering. This is 20 free spins on the slot Fortunium.
    Site design means a lot to us—as you read, it affected where we placed BetUK and LeoVegas. We liked the Jackpot Village design and found it easy to work our way around and find everything.
    As you’d expect, we checked this site is fully licensed and regulated by the UKGC. It also offers top-level encryption and robust responsible gaming protocols to ensure the safety and protection of customers.
    In terms of games, you can access more than 2,000 here. There are live casino games, jackpots, video slots, and RNG table games too. You can also pay in lots of different ways, including by bank transfer, cards—even American Express—and e-wallets.
    LeoVegas is actually the brand behind our number one slot BetUK. However, unlike BetUK, LeoVegas actually accepts Apple Pay. We simply love LeoVegas for its customer service. They were so helpful the few times we tried contacting them and nothing was too much trouble for their customer service team.
    Again, the minimum deposit is £10 and the welcome bonus is the same as BetUK’s (50 spins on Big Bass Splash and a 100% deposit match up to £100. There are lots of games here too and it has a license with UKGC as well as three European jurisdictions.
    So, why did we rate this site lower than BetUK given the similarities? We simply preferred the BetUK website.
    BetUK has come out at number one in our list despite not having as many games as some of the other online casinos. Overall, this site has the potential to be the most suitable for the majority of UK players. Despite its release only three years ago, it has soared in its reputation. This could be because its owner is well versed in producing excellent online gambling platforms.
    What we love about BetUK is that the transactions happen quickly. This is for both deposits and withdrawals. You can pay by debit card or PayPal, if preferred, and all transactions are secure thanks to top-level encryption technology. We would like to see more payment options available, though, but this isn’t enough to put us off recommending it to our readers.
    The bonus for UK players is good. You can make a minimum deposit of £10 and receive a welcome bonus of up to £100 with 50 bonus spins on the popular slot Big Bass Splash.
    Mr Vegas
    Mr Vegas has a straightforward sign up process for new customers and it is well-liked. You’ll likely see this online casino on lots of ‘top’ lists because of what it offers. There is a mind blowing number of games (around 4,000 we estimated). These come from a range of the top software providers in the world.
    As for bonuses, this offer is great. You can get a 100% deposit bonus as a new customer up to the value of £200. This can be accessed with as little as £10. We know our readers appreciate lower wagering requirements too, so you’ll be pleased to know that Mr Vegas only has 35x requirements. There are lower wagering requirements out there, but these are still lower than average for this type of offer. You can also relax in the knowledge that you have a full 60 days to meet them.
    21 Co UK
    21 Co UK offers its new customers a 100% bonus up to £50 as a welcome bonus. What’s interesting here is that you also get £6 to spend in live casino chips. This is a unique offer that we’ve never seen before anywhere else.
    The 21 Co UK website itself has a great design and it’s easy to register. New customers don’t have to take the bonus offer straight away but you must claim it within 7 days, or it will expire. You then need to use the bonus funds within 7 days after claiming. The £6 live casino chip is active for 3 days and you can use it on certain games by Evolution. As for wagering requirements, these are 40x for the bonus cash but only 10x for the live casino chip. The maximum you can win is £50.
    Get Value for Money at These Top Online UK Casino
    So, there you have it, 6 top online casinos the UK has right now. If you’re looking for one that has a sportsbook, however, you might need to do further research as not all these do. There’s no reason why you need to have the same website for both, however. You can choose one of these online casino for your iGaming and head to a different site to bet on the Premier League, for instance.

  • What is it going to take to win the Premier League this season? Darwin clicking in front of goal? New signings? Or the young players rising to the occasion? And how does the spectre of a Man City resurgence alter our expectations?
    Chris Smith, Dave Usher and Paul Natton used the winter break to take some listener questions on our player of the year so far, the Reds best XI and what we would consider a successful season from this point.
    We pick the Liverpool players we'd stake our lives on in a penalty shoot out and how the matchday experience has changed in our long years attending Anfield.

  • Football is more than just a game; it's a global phenomenon that unites people from all walks of life. Over the years, people have evolved the way they follow and celebrate football. This change has been especially noticeable with the rise of fan journalism. Websites like this one have played a pivotal role in this evolution. They offer a unique perspective on the game and foster a strong sense of community among fans.
    Grassroots Beginnings
    Fan journalism in football has its roots in the passionate conversations. They spill out of the stands and into the everyday lives of supporters. Initially, this took the form of fanzines, like "The Liverpool Way". Fans created and published these magazines. These were the precursors to modern fan journalism. They offered a raw, unfiltered voice that mainstream media often lacked.
    The Digital Revolution
    The advent of the internet revolutionized how fans consumed football content. Fan websites emerged, transforming the landscape of football journalism. These websites provided a space for fans to express their views. They also shared news and engaged in in-depth analysis of their beloved club.
    A New Perspective
    What sets fan journalism apart is its authenticity. Traditional sports journalism often maintains a neutral stance. In contrast, fan-driven platforms are biased. This bias is not a flaw but a feature, providing a level of passion and insight that only true fans can offer. Fans write articles on fansites creating a connection that mainstream outlets struggle to replicate.
    Impact on Mainstream Media
    The rise of fan journalism has not gone unnoticed by mainstream media. Traditional media outlets are including more fan-focused content. They recognize the growing influence of these platforms. This shift acknowledges the essential role fans play in the football narrative. It bridges the gap between professional journalism and fan-led content.
    Shaping Fan Opinions
    Platforms like this one don't just report on football. They help shape how fans perceive it. They offer an alternative narrative, often challenging the mainstream media's portrayal of events. Fans who share their passion can gain a more nuanced understanding of the game. Diverse viewpoints and in-depth analysis expose them.
    Fostering Community
    Fan-driven platforms have the ability to foster a sense of community. This is their most significant contribution. "The Liverpool Way" is not just a website; it's a gathering place for supporters. Fans from around the world connect, share experiences, and engage in discussions through forums and comment sections. This sense of belonging is invaluable, particularly in an era where physical distances can separate fans from their teams.
    Challenges and Opportunities
    Despite their success, fan journalism platforms face challenges. Maintaining credibility is an ongoing struggle. Balancing bias is as well. Competing with larger media outlets for access and information is another challenge. Ensuring financial sustainability is also difficult. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and growth. As these platforms evolve, they continue to redefine the boundaries of football journalism.
    The Future of Fan Journalism
    Looking ahead, the influence of fan journalism in football is likely to grow. The demand for authentic, fan-centric content shows no signs of waning. Platforms like "The Liverpool Way" will continue to evolve. They may incorporate new technologies and formats to enhance the fan experience.
    The evolution of fan journalism in football, particularly through platforms like this one reflects a deeper shift in how sports content is created and consumed. These fan-driven sites offer more than just match analysis or player updates; they provide a voice to the passionate fanbase. This democratization of sports journalism has led to a richer, more varied discourse around football, challenging traditional media narratives and bringing fans closer to the action.
    Fan journalism empowers supporters to become content creators. It blurs the lines between spectator and commentator. Social media and digital platforms give everyone a voice. Fan-driven sites have capitalized on this trend. They offer a more relatable and fan-focused perspective on the game. This shift has increased fan engagement. It has also enhanced the overall football culture. It has created a more inclusive and diverse conversation around the sport.
    Moreover, these platforms have become crucial in shaping public opinion and fan reactions. They often provide a grassroots perspective. They highlight issues and viewpoints that mainstream media may overlook. This can include focusing on local community impacts of football clubs. It can also cover youth development programs and even financial aspects of the sport.
    In conclusion, the rise of fan journalism in football represents a significant shift in how the sport is covered and consumed. Fan run websites epitomize this change. These platforms offer a unique perspective that enriches the football experience. Engaging in a game of play online roulette with live dealer can bring a new level of excitement to gaming. They inform and entertain. They also create a sense of community that binds fans together, regardless of geographical barriers. Football continues to captivate hearts and minds globally. Fan journalism will remain an integral part of its narrative. 

  • Liverpool will be looking to boost their title pursuit when London's rich boys, Chelsea, come to visit Anfield in a game that reeks of rivalry. Despite a sizeable amount spent during the summer transfer window, both clubs have had vastly different tales to tell this season. 
    While Chelsea have struggled to break into the top nine due to their inconsistent performances, Liverpool's rebuild under Jurgen Klopp is going perfectly, as they are one of the top contenders for the Premier League crown.
    Klopp used the summer to oversee the much-needed midfield rebuild his side required, having not signed a senior midfielder since Thiago Alcantara’s move from Bayern Munich in 2020. Alexis MacAllister, Dominik Szoboszlai, Wataru Endo, and Ryan Gravenberch all came in to counter the departures of former club captain Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Naby Keita, Fabinho Tavares and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain.
    Liverpool have had a surreal start to the season, winning ten and drawing four of their 15 Premier League games. The only loss the Reds have had was to Ange Postecoglu’s Spurs away at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, a game marred by controversies from the officiating team,  which saw both Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota sent off and a wrongly disallowed Luis Diaz goal. 
    Meanwhile, Chelsea made substantial investments during the offseason, committing over £300 million to transfers. Among the notable arrivals were the £100 million acquisition Moisés Caicedo, who chose Chelsea over Liverpool, Robert Sánchez from Brighton, Axel Disasi and Lesley Ugochukwu from the French Ligue 1, Cole Palmer from rivals Manchester City, Nicolas Jackson from La Liga side Villarreal, Romeo Lavia from relegated Southampton, and Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig this summer.
    The Blues then let go of Kai Havertz, Mason Mount, Mateo Kovacic, Kalidou Koulibaly, Christian Pulisic, Edouard Mendy, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Ethan Ampadu, Romelu Lukaku Callum Hudson-Odoi, César Azpilicueta, N'Golo Kanté, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Hakim Ziyech, Tiemoué Bakayoko, and a host of other young players. And, of course, Mauricio Pochettino took over as coach in the summer.
    Unfortunately for Chelsea, Nkunku and Lavia are yet to play in the Premier League, as both are undergoing rehabilitation following injuries they sustained before the start of the season. Nonetheless, they could be back soon enough.
    Chelsea have had a topsy-turvy campaign, picking 31 points from 21 games after nine wins, four draws, and eight losses. Their last result was a 1-0 home win over Fulham.
    They have also suffered losses to Newcastle United, Brentford, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, but West Ham are the only member of the current top six to beat them. Under Pochettino, the Blues have generally played well, but the results have not panned out in their favor due to a lack of firepower in front of goal.
    The game between Chelsea and Liverpool has been competitive over the years. Remarkably, seven of the last meetings between both sides have ended in draws after 90 minutes. And in those seven games, they have scored more than one goal just once. Since 2013, both teams have met 30 times, and Chelsea have the slight upper hand, winning 8, while Liverpool have won six. 
    However, judging by the results of both teams this season, Liverpool has the upper hand as they have the momentum.
    Match tickets

    The epic match at Anfield in Liverpool starts on Wednesday, 31st January 2024, at 8 PM UK time. 
    The magnificent 61,276-capacity stadium, with its electrifying atmosphere, is the place to be for this clash between the title contenders and a side fighting for survival.
    Getting tickets for the Liverpool vs Chelsea tickets could take a lot of work, given the standard of this game. Hence, you are advised to search ticket reselling sites should they be expected to be sold out on each club’s channels. 
    Team news
    Liverpool have a number of players injured, but some may be fit for the fixture. Spanish youngster Stefan Bajcetic has suffered from a calf injury since the season's opening weeks and won't be ready in time, nor will Thiago Alcantara. Joel Matip, who ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament, is set to miss the rest of the season, but Trent Alexander-Arnold is expected to be back and there is a chance either or both of Andy Robertson and Kostas Tsimikas will also return.
    Liverpool: Alison Becker; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ibrahima Konate, Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez; Alexis Mac Allister, Dominik Szoboszlai, Curtis Jones; Luis Diaz, Darwin Nunez, Diogo Jota:
    The Blues should have the full complement of their squad ready for the game against Liverpool. Trevor Chalobah, Malo Gusto, Ben Chilwell, Carney Chukwuemeka, Lesley Ugochukwu, Christopher Nkunku, and Romeo Lavia have been out recently. Still, they should be fully fit for the Liverpool fixture. Meanwhile, Wesley Fofana is still recovering from an ACL injury.
    Chelsea: Robert Sanchez; Malo Gusto, Thiago Silva, Levi Colwill, Ben Chilwell; Enzo Fernandez, Moises Caicedo; Cole Palmer, Raheem Sterling, Mikhailo Mudryk; Christopher Nkunku:
    Despite the somewhat different trajectory of both sides coming into this tie, the game will be as tight as in previous seasons. If Chelsea can get their act together, they could get a favorable result but if Liverpool's front three clicks, Chelsea will be in trouble.
    Liverpool 3-2 Chelsea

  • Anthony Patterson is reportedly on Liverpool’s radar if Caoimhin Kelleher decides to leave Liverpool to become a first choice keeper elsewhere.
    The Sunderland goalkeeper has kept eight clean sheets in 27 appearances this season with the Black Cats currently on the fringes of the playoff positions in seventh.
    The future of Kelleher has been a source for discussion for a couple of seasons.
    The Irishman is highly unlikely to unseat Allison as Liverpool’s number one with the Brazilian currently regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world
    That said, Kelleher is arguably the best reserve goalkeeper around at this point of time, a title that Jurgen Klopp bestowed on him two years ago.
    The 25 year-old who is contracted until the end of the 2025/6 season has already set a personal record in terms of appearances for the club this season already having made 11 in all competitions, the first time he has reached double figures in his senior Liverpool career.

    While the Europa League does not hold the status of the Champions League, it presents itself as a great opportunity for fringe and emerging players to get experience on the European stage and certainly has aided Kelleher who has made five appearances in the competition so far.
    The Mirror reports that Celtic are certainly looking closely with Kelleher and he has been previously linked with a move to Brentford as a replacement for David Raya.
    When it comes to Patterson, the Sunderland academy graduate has been previously linked to moves to Wolves and Leicester.
    The 23 year-old who is also under contract until 2026 spoke at the start of this season that his main goal is to achieve success with his boyhood team.

    “This is my team, I have grown up supporting Sunderland. I'm happy here, content and looking forward to many more games. It's that extra bit special being able to play in front of the Sunderland fans and being able to be on the pitch rather than as a fan really."
    In a perfect world it’s clear that Liverpool would not want to lose Kelleher as they realise what a talent he is, but there may come a time when eventually he wants to become a number one in his own right especially with Alisson still in the prime of his career.
    And if the time does arise that Liverpool are on the lookout for a backup you sense they will look for a prospect in the mould of Patterson rather than a seasoned veteran with not too many miles left on the clock.

  • Monday Jan 8:
    Henderson wants to quit Saudi because the weather is too hot, the training facilities are shit and the crowds are pathetic. Apparently there’s loads of others who want out now too one of the reasons being given is the lack of freedom the wives have. I mean, where to even fucking start with this. How thick are these cunts? I assumed they knew all of this beforehand but just wanted the money. There are also rumours that players want to leave because of the human rights issues and how they impact their wives. You couldn’t make this shit up, it’s fucking pathetic.
    It seems almost incomprehensible that they didn’t know it was hot and that women aren’t allowed to do normal stuff over there, but after that interview Henderson did with the Athletic it’s clear he’s thick as fuck so maybe he didn’t do his homework before he went there. It’s more likely that he fell for the bullshit about how that league was the new happening place to be and that he was going to be playing with / against loads of stars in front of massive crowds, but now that he knows that’s not how it is he wants out.
    Imagine completely fucking ruining your legacy at Liverpool to go and play six months over there before coming back with your tail between your legs. What a fucking knobhead he’s turned out to be. I don’t really give much of a shit about anyone else who went over there. I didn’t like it, but didn’t judge them too harshly. With him though, I just thought he was better than that so it was a tough scene finding out he wasn’t. And then he did the interview which just made me think he’s a fucking helmet. And now it’s even worse because he’s quitting and didn’t even have the stones to stick it out. I hope he doesn’t come back to the PL because I don’t want to even look at him.
    There’s talk that Newcastle want him and that he’s interested. As much as I think he’s a fucking gobshite, I don’t think he’s that much of a gobshite.
    Meanwhile, United beat Wigan in the FA Cup tonight. Fernandes is getting shit for diving to win a pen, but not from Wrighty who called it ‘clever’. I love Wrighty but you’ve got to be consistent on these things or you look like Alan Shearer - in other words a twat. Last week Wrighty hammered Jota but tonight he’s justifying what Fernandes did. Come on, Wrighty, you’re better than that.

  • This season TLW is once again looking to keep an eye on the younger members of the squad who are continuing their football education on loan. Last season we brought you the insight from Blackburn Rovers fans as Tyler Morton spent the campaign at Ewood Park. While it started brightly for the defensive midfielder, just like the team in general there was a notable drop-off come the end of the 2022/3 season. But all in all, playing a full campaign in one of the most physically intense leagues in Football would have done the 21 year-old the world of good.
    Now Morton is currently at Hull City, a club who are having a fine season under manager Liam Rosenior, exceeding expectations to sit seventh just one point and place outside the playoff spots. And one of the reasons for that improvement has been the play of Morton who has fitted like a glove into Rosenior’s starting lineup and in his 21 appearances for the club has averaged 1.5 tackles and one interception per game but also looked to develop a attacking side to his game with three goals and three assists.
    @AntNorthgraves (from @Hull_and_Back) gives our readers a half-season report card on the academy graduate.
    Tyler Morton has been absolutely fantastic since joining on loan from Liverpool. Liam Rosenior needed to add players to this Hull City side that could enhance the style of play and identity that he has been encouraging the squad to play since his appointment as Manager in November 2022. We like to play out from the back, get the ball into wide areas and dominate possession and since his debut, Tyler has fit straight into what was asked of him. Sitting alongside experienced and classy midfielder Jean Michael Seri, he has gone from strength to strength, growing in confidence each week.

    As the season has progressed, Tyler has become more of a box-to-box midfielder dropping deep to collect the ball, passing it out wide and then putting himself high up the pitch to create chances and score goals.
    So, what are Morton’s strengths?
    Spatial awareness & positioning are a particular highlight as he is always scanning the midfield for open spaces to put himself & provide a passing option, helping link defence to attack and keeping us possession. Passing is another of his strongest aspects. His range of pass & vision are superb, playing pin-point passes to team mates all over the pitch and rarely misplacing one. His assist for Ozan Tufan’s goal against Cardiff was a perfect example of what he can do. These all essentially fall under a similar category but his tenacity, desire, work-rate & willingness to track back make him a manager’s dream off the ball. For all he offers us in possession, he helps us win the ball back & contributes defensively too making him an asset in all areas of the game.

    What does he have to work on?
    I’m finding it really hard to think of any weaknesses at the moment, so I guess I’ll scrape the barrel as much as I can. Tyler could perhaps work on his timing when making runs into the box. In a really good week for him in which he made his England U21 debut, scored for them and scored for us in the following game, it looked like Tyler was beginning to flourish in the extra encouragement of going higher up the pitch. His style of play certainly deserves more goals and I can imagine he’ll get a few more before the season is over. This is also really harsh, but maybe delivery from set pieces could be hung into a more dangerous area in the box because his ability to play a superb cross is evident in games, but perhaps not seen enough from dead-ball situations (although this could be down to the positioning of our players too).

    Overall, Tyler is a fantastic player and from what I’ve seen, he is destined to play in the Premier League. I’m not sure what Klopp’s plans are for him but if I was Rosenior I would certainly at least enquire as to his availability on a permanent basis as, although he is young, he’s at a point of a young player’s career where he needs to decide if he wants to continue being loaned out & hope to get a first team place eventually, or find somewhere to call home and settle playing every week in the same surroundings. Maybe a buy-back clause would be the best way to convince Liverpool, but it will be interesting to see how his career progresses nonetheless.

  • Simon Jordan believes that Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in the Premier League in all facets of the game.
    The former Crystal Palace chairman and current Talksport presenter admits that bare facts show that Pep Guardiola has been the standout manager in terms of overall success in the modern era, if the two managers were to swap places, then Klopp would have won just as much as him.
    They’ve [Liverpool] got a manager that to me, I think, is the best manager, if not close to it in world football.  “I know that the statistics will tell you that it’s Pep.
    But if (Klopp) had the same resources as Pep I think he might have achieved the same things.
    Jordan went further in his analysis of the two most dominant teams of this modern era in English Football saying that he finds Liverpool much more enjoyable to watch.
    The argument will be, ‘what style of football do you like to watch?
    “I just like a more dynamic style of football rather than this overwhelming destruction of other sides by passing them to an almost near standstill.
    “The nature of Manchester City’s football whilst beautiful on the eye, isn’t quite as exciting as the dynamic explosion Liverpool often produce and that’s just a personal choice.”

    Jordan believes after a very difficult last season for all concerned with the club and most of all Klopp who was the public face constantly having to answer questions of what exactly had gone wrong, the German is rejuvenated and on the cusp of building another very successful era.
    “I think Klopp is a brilliant manager. He’s now back in the groove and back in most press conferences saying things that are sensible and not constantly indulging himself in what they do and don’t have and how unfortunate it is for them.
    “I think he’s an outstanding manager.”
    The whole Klopp vs Guardiola ‘who is better’ debate has been trotted out a number of times over the years and depending on what side of the fence you sit on, you will have a different answer.
    There are those that look at basic statistics and conclude their answer that way, but on the flip side there are those who use a bit of rationale behind their response like Jordan has done here.
    And by coming  from someone who is completely impartial, it may carry a bit more weight in the mainstream.
    But even if it doesn’t, a great majority of Reds fans know that Jordan is completely on the money with what he said and in turn how lucky we are to have him guiding the club into a new era that is hopefully just as successful as what occurred before it.

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