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Gravenberch has already become a better player at Liverpool



It may have been a challenging season at times, but the father of Ryan Gravenberch saw plenty of development in his son and believes the best is yet to come.


Despite being only 22 years old, Gravenberch already has played for three of the most iconic names in club football.


Coming through the famed Ajax academy, his talent was such that German powerhouse Bayern Munich signed him on a five year deal.


However, that was a move that certainly did not work for either party and rather hold on to a player that seemingly did not fit their system, Bayern cut their losses and moved him on just a year later.


The Reds obviously saw some untapped quality in Gravenberch and paid £40 million in a deadline day deal last season.


While not producing any world class performances, it seemed by and large to be a campaign of settling in and getting his feet under the table, building a base to build from in other words.


In all, the midfielder played 38 appearances in all competitions (26 in the league) and scored four goals.


Normally when you see a close family member making comments about their loved one in public, there is a great sense of trepidation as it often leads to criticism of the club or a manager in particular.


However, Ryan Gravenberch senior is  completely different in that sense, giving a fascinating insight of what his son went through in his first season at Liverpool, glowing of the tutelage provided by Jurgen Klopp and greatly excited of what is to come from his countryman in Arne Slot as The Echo (per ESPN) reported.


“Jurgen Klopp had more feeling and personal interest than Nagelsmann and Tuchel combined.


“Klopp knew that Ryan had not had an easy time at Bayern. He understands that he has to put a young boy abroad at ease.


"Despite the extremely busy schedule and all the things Klopp has to take into account in his work, he continued to invest a lot of time and personal interest in Ryan.


“Ryan and Klopp have had a lot of conversations. They've done that all season. That may sound logical, but it really doesn't work that way at many clubs and trainers.


“Klopp has been very good to Ryan. He was helpful and nice, but on the other hand he could also be tough and he sometimes put Ryan on the bench in important matches but that is also difficult when you come from a season with little playing time at Bayern. He's holding up well. For a 22-year-old boy, his development is going well.”




With that said, Gravenberch Sr. believes that the incoming manager can take his son’s game to another level.


“I don't think he has spoken to Slot yet, but Ryan is happy that he is coming. Although he loved playing under Klopp, Slot's playing style suits Ryan a little better.


“Slot plays more like Manchester City and Arsenal, under Klopp Liverpool played more directly. Slot's game suits Ryan better from Ajax's training.


“I think he is at least 50 percent better now than he was then. He has become even stronger and fitter. The pace at which Liverpool plays is really not normal.


“Everything goes much faster and that has done him very well. Ryan always has to give something extra at Liverpool and that has made him a much better player.”


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Grav's time will come. Just gotta remain patient with him and that's the problem we have in the game now where fans are concerned, there's no patience and it's either you hit the ground running or fuck off you're no good to us.

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1 hour ago, Em City said:

Gravenberch Sr. > Diaz Sr.


Dunno man, until I've seen some of Grav Sr's moves on that gym floor I can't sway either way.

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8 hours ago, Binomial said:

Grav's time will come. Just gotta remain patient with him and that's the problem we have in the game now where fans are concerned, there's no patience and it's either you hit the ground running or fuck off you're no good to us.

This. It's why even if Nunez scored 50 goals in a season he'd still be regarded as shit.

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While he’s not bad, I don’t think he’ll be a long term Liverpool player.

Decent at moving with the ball, no real passing ability.

Behind Macca, Curtis, Szobo and Harvey for me in the advanced midfield positions.

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