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Salah: Klopp departure does not affect my future with Liverpool


Mo Salah has admitted that there will come a time when he will leave Liverpool but he has not reached that point just yet.


It has been widely speculated over the last 12 months that the 31 year-old will join the list of big names that headed to the Saudi League.


Despite their unrelenting persistence, that has not transpired just yet although when Jurgen Klopp made the shock announcement in January that he was stepping down as Liverpool manager come the end of this campaign there was a prevailing view that would be the catalyst for a Salah move to eventuate sooner rather than later.


Speaking with Sky Sports, Salah admitted that player movement is a natural part of Football, however said at this point of time he is focused on the present and that the decision by Klopp has no direct impact on him.


“No, It's part of life now, that everything moves. Players have left already, very important players. The manager is also very important for the club and is leaving.


"One day I will leave the club, but no [Klopp leaving doesn't affect my future]."




The Egyptian superstar took us into the inner sanctum on that fateful day and said that it was as big a shock to the playing group as it was to the football community at large.


“ Usually we don't do meetings at 10.30am, as 10.30 is the report time," Salah added. "It's normally a 10.30 meet time and then 12 noon training. Then they said there was a meeting at 10.30am. I was like: 'What?'


“The manager's agent was there at the training ground and I thought: 'Oh, he's renewing his contract.


"And five minutes before the meeting, Virgil [van Dijk] said: 'Do you know what the meeting is about?'


"I said no. He said: 'The manager is leaving'.


"I said: 'Really, the manager is leaving? You serious? Why?'


“He said: 'No idea'.


“Then the manager came in and he just said it and it was weird because no-one knew before. There was nothing in the media. He didn't even prepare us for that, he just said it. That was a weird day for us and for the club."


There is a great level of positivity surrounding their fortunes of the club for the rest of the season despite the list of absentees through injury.


One of those players that has returned to full fitness just in time for the showcase fixture against Man City at Anfield today is Salah, and in keeping with the quality of the opposition, Salah often saves his best for them scoring 11 in 19 games (seven which have come in the Premier League.)




Salah spoke about what it takes to rise to the occasion in a fixture such as this.


"I just feel myself in that game, in the big games you just want to play and enjoy.


“I usually just have one defender against me, not two or three.


“The game is open and I just love the games where I can feel myself. The big players have to step up in the big games and show quality.


"It [City] is an unbelievable team and an unbelievable coach. They have dominated the league for a few years and we have always fought with them.


“You go to the game and you just feel like it's a six points game, not just a three points game.


"We have a good chance, we play at home, everybody will be excited, the atmosphere will be unbelievable as usual. We just have to focus on our game and try to win the game."



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