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Robertson: The only way we will climb the table is by fixing our consistency 

Andy Robertson says the mid season training camp has come at a really good time for Liverpool to reassess their game and look to rectify the inconsistent performances which have plagued their season this season.


With the Premier League season set to recommence in under two weeks time, the Reds are currently in Dubai ramping up their training in preparation for their Boxing Day fixture against Aston Villa.


The enforced layoff due to the World Cup has been a chance for reflection and speaking to the Echo, Robertson says consistency that this Liverpool team has made its trademark needs to be found again.




“I think over the past few years, one of the things you can say about this team is that we've been so consistent. We've just lacked that a bit this season. We've had some fantastic results: Man City, Tottenham and Ajax, both away, Southampton near the end before the break. We've had some important wins and the Bournemouth game was a massive one, but then we've had some setbacks as well. The setbacks have been too common for a team like us that people have become used to us not dropping too many points.


“Maybe in the past we've dug it out. How many times in the past has the defence just stood up to it and we've dug in, come away with the result and everyone is relieved? You have to win ugly and I don't think we've done enough of that this season. 


“Nottingham Forest comes to mind and it shows that if you're not at your best you can end up getting beat. So it's been a wee bit inconsistent, which isn't like us, and it's important now that we get that consistency back for the second half of the season. That's the only way we will get the points we need and start climbing the table. We're obviously not in a position where we want to be."


It is not uncommon for a team like Liverpool to play three games in a week which doesn’t allow coaching staff and players a true opportunity to assess performances. So Robertson says being able to do so in a setting such as a training camp has been of great assistance.


“It’s been so beneficial this week. We've had a lot of team meetings, we've had a lot of time on the pitch and we've just tried to fine tune certain things and maybe this is the first time we've had to do it because the results have been so good and it's all gone so well. This is maybe the first time we've had to look at it and think 'what are we doing wrong? or 'what can we do better'.


“Being able to see it visually has been really helpful and the lads have learned a lot from it, the younger lads too, so we've got what we need now to go and push on for the second half of the season.”


Robertson says working on their pressing which has been another trademark of Liverpool under Klopp is is also of great importance.


“If you were to ask Liverpool fans or fans of other clubs, you know, 'how do you describe Liverpool in the last five years?' I think the answers would be the press offensively, as it's been so good.


"At times it's not been good enough this season, so it's important we try and get that impulse back and get that part of our game to the maximum consistently. At times we've done it really well but it's about being able to make sure we're all pressing at the same time and on the same page and we can sit back when it's the right moment. 


“Because if you go into it and you're not 100% that's when teams can pick you off. We've done that in a few games this season.That is where this week has been really beneficial. We've worked on it this week, we worked on it against Lyon and I am sure we will do the same against AC Milan and then we will be ready for the season to start again.”




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