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Klopp: This is year one of a new team

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool have officially gone back to the beginning of the cycle but he could not be more excited about the rewards it could possibly bring in the long run.


The German is one month away from marking his eighth season in charge of the Reds and in that time he has won a catalogue of honours on a domestic and European stage.


Klopp is undoubtedly indebted to the players that helped secure the success, but he knows more than most that time does not wait for anyone, and if you stand still you are basically going backwards.


That is why last summer was an important first step in refreshing the squad which addressed the midfield issues and the defence will likely follow in the subsequent windows.


Speaking ahead of the resumption of the season after the international break, Klopp spoke about his excitement about what he sees for the future  (per the Mirror).




“I know I say it, but I also really feel it - it is year one… Not year eight, because in October I’m here eight years.


“This is year one of the new team and that’s exactly how we approach everything. I don't want to manage the success from the past and not get there again. No, we have to (get there again).


In the same week that Klopp was once again linked to the German national job, he made it perfectly clear that he feels as rejuvenated and motivated as ever in his current role.


“All big teams have to [rebuild] from time to time and we've had to do it now with the same old manager but my energy levels are not a problem at all.


“I loved the pre-season, I loved the start of the season - when I stand in the dressing room and look at the team I really, really love this team - and we have to keep going, that much is clear. That will never change. It is good and exciting. It's exciting times that we really create a way to play football which is different to what we had before.”


One of the tell-tale signs of a manager coming to the end of their current tenure is when players switch off from the message that they are being told.


But by bringing in new players which in turn lowered the average age of the squad substantially, as well as continuing to nurture to the talents of Ben Doak and Stefan Bajcetic means that there there is plenty of learning to be done.


“The quality and potential this group of players has is massive, and I love working with them because they are open (to ideas).


‌“It’s nice for a manager, that you know they didn’t hear it already 500 times before, some messages are new. So it’s really exciting. I know that I am getting older but when you see the 16-year-old boys in training you think 'OK, in two years they are 18 so there is a good chance I have them, without rushing them into the first team'”





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Said it during pre-season but Kloppo does look rejuvenated and he does indeed look like he's loving this team.


It's a fresh new dawn for him and us, dead weights no longer dragging us down (FSG excepted).

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