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Klopp : It is too early to give Liverpool 2.0 the Mentality monsters label

Klopp 2.jpgJurgen Klopp does not want to put too much pressure on this version of Liverpool but is highly impressed with the depth at his disposal.


In the trophy laden first phase of Klopp’s tenure, the German dubbed his team as ‘Mentality Monsters’ for their remarkable knack of rolling up their sleeves and responding when the question was put to them by the opposition.


It was a label which stuck and undoubtedly played into the psyche of the opposition with the Champions League second leg semi final win against Barcelona in 2019 just one prime example of that.


For a large part of last season that trait was absent, and in fact the opposite occurred that once the opposition got their nose in front, Liverpool seemed to roll over and all fight was lost.


In many ways it was understandable as it was a battle weary squad which had gone to the well one too many times over the years, and in the case of some players they had nothing left to give in a physical sense. Their mind naturally wanted to produce the goods but their body wasn’t allowing them to.


But with a makeover comes new players into the squad, some individuals who a point to prove of their own after a disappointing last campaign and those talented youngsters who want to make an impression on the manager.


Klopp has never been a manager to place expectations or limits of what his squad can achieve.


The Europa League fixture against LASK was already the fourth time this season that the Reds have won a game after falling behind in it.


Speaking ahead of the league fixture against West Ham on Sunday (per the Echo), the manager that sort of resilience is a very good platform to build spirit from.


Klopp 2.jpg


“I said that phrase (mentality monsters) at that time, it was not that I planned that way. I just remember watching a game and thinking ‘Oh my God, how did they come back?’.


“I understand why you are asking me this. It was not long ago I was being asked about us being 1-0 down, 1-0 down, 1-0 down. I understand that this may come up again some time, but this feels completely different.


"Now it is just that we have changed a few things and turned games around. Staying in a game is a duty and we did that so far, which is why we have turned situations.


"Mentality? That is something we will create.


“What we have now is a mood. This is a spirit we have created because the boys really like playing with each other. It is a close group."


The first aim of Liverpool this season has to be qualifying for the Champions League again and that is why a school of thought has been to rest key players for the early group stages of the Europa League to keep them fresh for league action.


That is exactly what Klopp did for their first game against the Austrian side making eleven changes from the team that won against Wolves on Saturday.


Klopp knows the benefits of having a fit and available squad in modern Football but does not think mass rotations will occur for every game, rather he will take a practical approach depending who is available.




“I told the boys (on Thursday) about the challenges , I made 11 changes. Maybe some thought it was too much.


“Everyone deserved to play for what they have shown in pre-season and training. I wanted a team that did not think for one second about Sunday (against West Ham), who would go into it and enjoy it. Give everything.


“Will I do this in every (Europa) game? Probably not. But we can mix it in a different way. For Thursday, this was the idea, and for a squad still without Thiago, no Trent and no Conor Bradley we can still change 11 times. It’s absolutely crazy. I love the squad and I love the depth.”


But despite not being part of the bright lights of the elite club competition this season, Klopp is certainly not one to talk down the Europa League .


“This was a really good trip. If the outside world thinks because we are playing the Europa League we have to drag ourselves out of Liverpool to go to Austria, Belgium or France, it is the opposite. We all wanted to be here and win this game and we did that.”




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Yeah we have a habit of being surprised shell-shocked when the opposition actually want to compete. We need to knock that shit on the head, starting poorly conceding first then slowly figuring our game out is just piss poor. Sides are going to have chances that's football but the poor starts have been happening for over a year now and we can't let it become a part of this new sides psyche too.

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