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    • Who voted for it? Players? Journalists? Garth Crooks?
    • We're both fucking shite.
    • At the same time though I think we'd all agree that his long range shooting isn't his greatest asset. So, if he's aware of that too (which presumably he is), he's probably right not to be lashing desperation shots from 30 yards late in the game as the chances are it won't help.   Lovren could probably do with having the same level of self awareness!   Hendo is the holding midfield player. It's really not his job to be pulling us out of the fire in close games. It won't be Fabinho's when he plays, and it's not Gini's when he plays as the six either. Anything we get from that position in terms of goals is a bonus really.   I think this is part of the reason he's judged so harshly by some. When he does his job and the forwards click he looks great and people acknowledge the good job he does. When he does the same job and the forwards aren't at it and the team struggles, the finger often gets pointed at him even though he's basically doing the same thing he always does.   He can't take a game by the scruff of the neck and drive us on to victory. Very few players can, but we've had players who are capable of it (Souness, McMahon, Gerrard) so we've been spoiled in that regard.   None of our current midfielders can do it, which is why we need Keita to be the player we all hope he is.
    • Haven’t been on GOT but I imagine Davek will he claiming it as a FIFA conspiracy to keep the rabid fans of Murder Inc onside.  
    • Nope. Don’t think it was one of Doctor Troy’s.    Have any long-term members had everything removed in the last 18 months or so, Dave?