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Have Liverpool Found Emre Can’s Replacement?

Jan 12 2018 08:57 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

While Jurgen Klopp hasn’t given up on the prospect of keeping Emre Can beyond the summer, it appears that the German international will depart for Juventus once his contract runs out this summer. Having learned a lesson from the Philippe Coutinho sage,...

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Who is the right man for the left back role? - by Jason Harris

Jan 10 2018 09:59 AM | tlw content in Opinion

Ask any Reds fan who they thought would be one of the first out of the exit door come the end of the 2016/7 season and Alberto Moreno would have ranked very high on the list. There was a good reason for that line of thinking. After a shaky start to la...

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If you're serious about Coutinho then get on with it, we haven't got all month

Jan 04 2018 10:30 PM | tlw content in Opinion

Last summer Liverpool wanted to sign Virgil Van Dijk but for various reasons could not get a deal done. Similarly, Barcelona wanted to sign Philippe Coutinho but for various reasons also could not get a deal done. Fast forward to January, and Van Dijk...

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Liverpool's mid term report - The good, the bad and everything in between - by Jason Harris

Dec 20 2017 07:10 PM | tlw content in Opinion

It seemed just like yesterday that the 2017/8 season kicked off in earnest. Now as we reach its midpoint, I thought what better time to take a look back what has occurred in the first four months. From the overwhelming joy of putting Arsenal to th...

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Premier League Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Dec 08 2017 02:30 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

This year, all football fans in England have a lot to celebrate: the Premier League has reached its 25th anniversary season. The FA Premier League was formed on May 27, 1992, working out of an office at the Football Association.  The inaugural mem...

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Will maligned trio ever win the trust of supporters? - by Jason Harris

Dec 05 2017 12:04 PM | tlw content in Opinion

The below re-enactment has played out all too many times over the years for the Reds. 'A mistake by Dejan Lovren consigned Liverpool to a 2-1 defeat against (insert team name) at the (insert venue).' 'However in this same match, Roberto Firmi...

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Liverpool Good Value To Finish In The Top 4

Nov 30 2017 09:39 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Liverpool passed one of their toughest tests so far this season with a brilliant 3-0 win on a cold Wednesday night in Stoke. Jurgen Klopp even had the luxury of starting the match with key players Mo Salah and Philippe Coutinho on the bench. Sadio...

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A question of football passion: What the game means to you in the modern era - by Jason Harris

Nov 17 2017 10:57 PM | tlw content in Opinion

As football fans, we have just witnessed unbridled joy and complete devastation as the final few nations have qualified for the 2018 World Cup. It was hard not to get swept up in the emotions of Sweden and Denmark as they completed very impressive...

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Case for the Defense: Joe Gomez to centre back?

Nov 17 2017 10:42 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Amid the muted fanfare over England’s 0-0 draw with Brazil on Tuesday night, two Liverpool players have emerged from the game with their stock raised significantly. New signing Dominic Solanke came off the bench to get his first cap for his count...

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"Macca Can" - Steve McMahon interview

Nov 17 2017 03:30 PM | tlw content in Interviews & Features

He was the driving force in the Reds midfield throughout the mid-late eighties and specialised in inflicting misery on his former club Everton. Steve McMahon talks derbies, hard men, the Anfield Rap, the leaving of Anfield and much more. TLW Editor Dave Usher asks the questions...

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Money talks, so top four is over-achieving

Nov 13 2017 05:20 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The next six or seven weeks could be pivotal in Liverpool’s season. Jurgen Klopp’s side have made a steady enough start and were it not for the blistering pace being set by runaway leaders Manchester City, a title challenge would still be a possibility...

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The cavalry are arriving just in time

Nov 11 2017 04:08 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Barring any unforeseen mishaps between now and next weekend, Jurgen Klopp will finally be able to call upon all of his main attacking players for the first time since pre-season.  Adam Lallana has yet to kick a ball in anger this season, while Phi...

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Reds vs Huddersfield – Jurgen Welcomes His Apprentice

Oct 27 2017 07:53 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

This Saturday’s game at Anfield has a few undercurrents attached to it before the whistle even blows. There’s the ongoing fragility of the home defence, which is currently making errors too embarrassing to be called “schoolboy”....

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: A difficult beginning but a transfer gamble worth taking - by Jason Harris

Oct 27 2017 07:18 PM | tlw content in Opinion

For all the talking points in football, nothing gets the emotions flowing like a good old-fashioned discussion about transfers.  It is always something that starts vigorous debate between passionate football fans all over the world and admittedly,...

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A Liverpool Life - Roy Evans Interview

Oct 10 2017 10:20 AM | tlw content in Interviews & Features

He served the Reds with distinction as man and boy for 35 years, working with all of the greats from Shankly to King Kenny before eventually going on to manage the club himself. Liverpool legend Roy Evans talks to TLW Editor Dave Usher...

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Matip the right man to fill the Defensive leader role - by Jason Harris

Oct 06 2017 11:02 PM | tlw content in Opinion

The Liverpool defence. Those three words have Reds fans waking up in cold sweats the night before a game. As a supporter you want to be positive about all aspects about the team, but you know deep down that they are highly likely to concede one or more...

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Facts! - by John Brennan

Sep 26 2017 12:11 PM | tlw content in Opinion

Rafa liked his facts, did he not? So, without further ado, let’s break down Klopp’s reign into facts. He’s been here for just about two calendar years now. No snarkiness; no snide remarks about, “That’s football!”: it’s nearly Christmas so benevolence...

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A Few Thoughts from the Match: Leicester City 2 Liverpool 3

Sep 23 2017 08:30 PM | tlw content in Opinion

1. 3 points. Is right!   2. It was never comfortable was it? At two-nil I thought we’d need at least one more (and possibly two) and so it proved.    3. I can’t believe people are criticising Salah’s finishing. That was his sixth of the...

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Reds need win at Leicester to get back on track

Sep 22 2017 09:10 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The next seven days could prove to be pivotal in Liverpool’s season. Winless in their last four games, Jurgen Klopp’s side were eliminated from the League Cup in midweek by Leicester City but have an opportunity this weekend to exact reveng...

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A Few Thoughts from the Match: Liverpool 1 Burnley 1

Sep 16 2017 06:21 PM | tlw content in Opinion

1. Sigh.  *Be positive, be positive, be positive*  2. Salah is a cracking signing: pace, touch, movement, goals. Is right. 3. We played some decent stuff in the first half.   4. Erm...   5. I accept that we need to rotate this seas...

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