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  1. CurtisJones

    Tory Liverpool fans

    I'm prepared for you to set out what you believe if you are suggesting that I have attempted to misrepresent you. My faith in the conservative cause doesn't revolve around Thatcher.
  2. CurtisJones

    Tory Liverpool fans

    anything else? I challenge the rhetoric on Liverpool forums that closes down meaningful debate and the exchange of views. Mr. Diarrhea,you wouldn't think so would you?on the basis that I'm prepared to say what I think, despite beliefs such as yours being standard and accepted.
  3. CurtisJones

    Tory Liverpool fans

    The conservative party represent sound economic judgement and realistic social responsibility. It saddens me to see the conservative party rhetoric on LFC forums, with the strong penchant for anti Margaret Thatcher bashing, like it should represent sound thinking and social commentary about what we're tough decisions and economic game changers in the long term. Go fuck yourselves, Corbyn nonces.
  4. CurtisJones

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Thanks team, I'm a young player and my representatives have advised me to release the following. I thoroughly regret my post online. It doesn't represent who I am, not yesterday night or now. The club are sending me to meet special posters as we both feel I could improve my understanding of and my standing in the wider community. I apologise unreservedly to everyone except special character, who can 'of course, fuck off.
  5. CurtisJones

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    You're a special cunt. Fuckoff.
  6. CurtisJones

    Dream Strike Partnerships At Their Peak

    Owen and Suarez. Sorry!