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  1. Bucksinator

    Liverpool 2 Sheffield Utd 1 (Oct 24 2020)

    Great point on the offside situation with Sadio last week,I was thinking at the time if he had just made sure he was onside there wouldn't have been any debate, he had the time to just take that extra half a yard step backwards.
  2. Bucksinator

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3 (Mar 11 2020)

    Great report again Dave.I think the kick from Adrian is the fault for the first goal, after that he was back pedaling and its very hard to get set, hence the slip.The minute the ball was played back to him I thought touch and straight out to Robbo but he just seemed to panic!
  3. Great report as usual Dave,looking forward to the fanzine.
  4. Bucksinator

    Roma 4 Liverpool 2 (May 2 2018)

    Totally agree with everything Dave,I was more tired than elated at the final whistle,I had to ho to bed straight after.I thought the second half performance was very poor,lets hope they have all the bad champions league football out of their systems now and go batter Madrid.
  5. Bucksinator

    Liverpool 1 Man City 0 (Dec 31 2016)

    Klavan is boss,his positioning and timing are what you would expect of an experienced defender.
  6. Bucksinator

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 19-21 2016)

    Agree totally about the standard of refereeing Dave.I really enjoyed the Euros as the games were let flow,no stop start for the slightest contact,Prem refs are just appalling.It seems like they are afraid to let anything go in fear of being chastised,as you said,cowardly!!