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  1. col06

    Nike deal

    Spurs have a very similar goalkeeper shirt for next season too
  2. Made another miraculous recovery has he
  3. col06

    Nike deal

    Looks more like a Roma shirt or something
  4. col06

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    nauseating stuff from the BBC
  5. col06

    New European super league?

    No way could you play in our league and that as well be far too many games
  6. col06

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Strangely the media are fawning over them too
  7. col06

    Nike deal

    Apparently some more leaked stuff
  8. col06


    i am boiling here but why not
  9. col06

    The 30 Year Wait

    I was 5 and have a vague recollection of those things too this is going to be something very special after all the near misses the closer it gets the more real it is feeling slowly setting in what where about to do
  10. You really think there going to win all there games and where going to lose at least 7 of ours