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  1. woodylfc

    Call Of Duty - 2014 Reveal

    Mw2 was ace buy the way
  2. woodylfc

    Call Of Duty - 2014 Reveal

    It's shit. Cod is all about map control. You don't want people falling out of the sky. Focus on the choke points. Blops 2 was the last good one although it did gave it's problems
  3. woodylfc

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Not sure really who nighcat is but you both stand out as miserable guys. Seems odd to me but I'm the eternal optimist
  4. woodylfc

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Maybe virgin was harsh but you do fucking moan a lot
  5. woodylfc

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Slightly pissed obviously
  6. woodylfc

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Lurker here but brigant is a fat sweaty internet virgin.l who doesn't like football. All he does is fucking moan. Maybe occasionally licks nightcats balls
  7. woodylfc

    Best Deal for Xbox Gold Live

    I use these. http://www.electronicfirst.com/cheap-xbox-live-codes/12-2-month-xbox-live-gold/ That will give you 14 months for 32 quid Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  8. woodylfc

    Best phone out there right now?

    If you can handle the size the Note 3 is a beast of a phone. I had an S4 which I loved but the note is better
  9. woodylfc

    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Cod always runs at 60 fps as far as I am aware even on current gen Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  10. woodylfc

    BT broadband

    This is spot on. Torrents are really slow until midnight, then it's lightning fast until the morning which is usually enough time to download anything you need but its annoying if you want anything instantly.
  11. Thanks coop. Will look into this
  12. Keeping the wife happy as I had an all dayer yesterday and wanted to go out to watch the game today.
  13. Thanks to all who have provided advice on this. after a bit of playing around i managed to get it working. Watched Wreck it Ralph with the missus and the picture was spot on. Only problem I had was the sound was not coming though the tv via the hdmi cable. Played with the audio settings but nothing worked. Is this a common problem or am i missing something?
  14. woodylfc

    Best phone out there right now?

    Just got back from the Dam where I lost my iphone 5. The insurance company have told me they will only replace it with a reconditioned one or the cash equivalent. I dont want a 2nd hand iphone so am thinking of getting a brand new S3 with the money but was wondering if there was any way I can transfer all my contacts, photos and music from itunes to the Samsung. If not I may have to stick to apple. Any info greatly appreciated.