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  1. Jimbo

    Top Lurkers

    I'm a lurker...and so is my wife
  2. Jimbo

    Just been sacked....

    ta- first rep points RiS- while I might have been the first you are the best- sold 8 cars in my first month, took orders for another 5 next month and got 1 bad report from a guy who didn't know what he wanted- said he was totally dissatisfied with the way he had been treated
  3. Jimbo

    Just been sacked....

    I realise that now but I first logged in as Jimbo back in 2003 and it all still works. The reasons for the sacking is still unclear but I've only been there a month so they can say what they like- still cunts though!!
  4. Jimbo

    Just been sacked....

    Marshalls of Cambridge- bunch of cunts End of rant, carry on and thanks for listening
  5. Jimbo

    Live Streams

    cheers fella
  6. Jimbo

    Live Streams

    anybody got any info or links?
  7. Jimbo

    Do you like your job?

    Quit mine on Friday- Handed notice in on Thursday evening- got a call from the big boss Friday morning, took car, phone, cards and sat nav back Friday pm and now holding company PC to ransom for final commission and expenses. Got fed-up with ripping people off, selling them stuff they didn't really need or want and found out I actually do have a morals. Not quite sure what to do next, but fuck it feels great!!
  8. Jimbo

    Swedish help required

    They've done it- Good boys
  9. Jimbo

    Swedish help required

    Ta for that- think I can get commentary from Radiosporten
  10. FBK against Frolunda tonight- does anybody have any info on live web feeds please
  11. Always had a better night out there than in Stockholm. Apart from those who live in the capital, most Swedes will say that Gothenberg is more relaxed and less "up it's self"
  12. Done the Stansted- Gothenberg run loads over the last couple of years and have always found Ryanair the cheapest. The airport they fly to is called Save and is about 20/30 mins from central Gothenberg and the bus goes not long after you land and costs about £4 Hope it helps
  13. Jimbo

    Goddamn bastarding Canalplus

    Can I join this Scancanavian love-in? Just moved back to the UK from Sweden and am still missing it big time- where are you all based?
  14. Jimbo

    World record?

    seal-clubbers elbow? as opposesed to tennis elbow or wanke... you know what I mean
  15. Jimbo

    The absolutely dejected thread

    sleep well- Ignore the back pages, SSN and ceefax tomorrow- by Saturday, things will have calmed down a bit and you can start looking forward to next week and Spurs- ;)