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Premier League Round Up (Mar 9-13 2024)



Arsenal have been bitching about refs all season which really fucking winds me up as it’s not like they’ve suffered much, although I wouldn’t say they’ve benefited much either. In terms of the top three and officiating, you’ve City at one end of the scale, us at the other and Arsenal are somewhere in the middle.


Yet their fans were some of the most vocal on twitter last week (they always are) after the drop ball nonsense at Forest, but this week they weren’t happy when people rightly pointed out that their winning goalscorer against Brentford should not have even been on the pitch when he scored.


As great as last week’s win at Forest felt for us, and will have been a massive kick in the nuts for City and Arsenal, this week we were the ones getting kicked in the nuts as Arsenal got that contentious late winner against Brentford when it looked like they were going to drop points. There was nowhere near the same furore as there was about the drop ball nonsense though. Maybe if Brentford hired Uriah Rennie or Paul Durkin to bitch about it afterwards we'd have seen a bit more fuss made of it.


Arsenal went in front and no doubt their fans were expecting another landslide. After all, these are the smug, smelling themselves wankers that had #prayforbrentford trending on Twitter before the game. It’s happening before all of their games now. They just make me cringe so much that my toes are permanently curled these days.


Everything about Arsenal is getting on my tits now, from that God awful "North London forever" anthem they've just adopted this season to the bad try hard celebrations of Arteta and the players and pretty much everything else in between. There’s a lot of annoying faces in that team too... Ramsdale, Ben Shite, Gabriel, Saliba, Martinelli, Saka, Odegaard, Trossard, Jesus, Zinchenko… all massively annoying faces. 


Arsenal were so busy enjoying the smell of their own farts after Rice headed them in front that they forgot that it was only 1-0 and that Brentford aren’t really a side you want to fuck with. They certainly aren’t the soft touches that Burnley and Sheffield United are, so Brentford fought back. Ably assisted by Diet Pickford in goal it should be said.


There’s a reason Arteta doesn’t like picking him and Ramsdale himself gave it away in an interview he did when he said he needs to get involved with the crowd during games because he gets bored and can’t concentrate otherwise. Not even David James had that bad of an attention span.


So Ramsdale fucked up to let Brentford get back into it through Wissa, but he made a couple of saves in the second half so that’s all fine apparently and it showed what great character he has. Yeah, I think they should play him in every game now, let him prove just how great his “character” is. 


My boy Toney almost scored the goal of the season with a brilliant first time left foot half volley that was inches away from going over the despairing dive of Ramsdale, but he just got his fingers to it to keep it out. Brentford had other chances too and the second half was edgy as fuck for Arsenal. 


They were getting desperate and every time the ball went in the box an Arsenal player would hit the deck wanting a pen. Some of them were iffy and could have been given, but not the one from Havertz that should have seen him booked for cheating. It was obviously a dive, the ref knew immediately which is why he waved away the penalty appeal. He bottled out of giving him a second yellow card though and VAR can’t get involved unless it’s to overturn a penalty decision and then tell the ref it’s a dive and to produce a card. 


All these stupid fucking protocols they have just get in the way of them making the right decision. Attwell wouldn’t send Oliver to the screen at Anfield and they hide behind the “high bar for overturns” bollocks. There’s also been strong rumours that Oliver has given his colleagues strict instructions to not send him to the screen. Either way, this kind of shit just keeps stopping the officials from getting big decisions right.


I’m not particularly arsed about the Havertz thing, this kind of shit happens all the time and Brentford had chances to win it and they had chances to stop Arsenal winning it. In the grand scheme of fucked up decisions this is low on the list. The thing that does annoy me is how little was made of it in relation to the shite we had to endure last week. 


Ultimately though three points is three points and it doesn’t matter that they were lucky and left it late. One way of looking at it is that they found a way. That’s what we’d say if it was us. Its not the first time they’ve done it either, so I don’t blame Arsenal fans for thinking like that. It’s not how I see it though. I see a team that was battered some shit teams lately and had people going over the top about how impressive they are and how they might win all of their remaining games. Scraping past Brentford at home and failing to beat Porto over 210 minutes tells me they will drop points. They’ve got tough games, so they’re dropping some points, I’m not concerned about that. My concern is only what we do.


Ultimately it comes down to this. There’s 10 games left and we need to get more points in those ten games than Arsenal, and we need to ensure that City don't get more than us. Can we do that? Of course we can. Over the course of the season so far we’ve done it as the only reason, THE ONLY REASON, Arsenal are ahead of us on goal difference is because of PGMOL fucking us in games against Spurs, Arsenal and City.

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It’s like he’s actually morphing into a giant rat, his ears and whole facial shape is so rodent like it’s jarring. He needs to find four big turtles to hang around with.

There's something that goes on as you enter Manchester, that description apt as it is could fit many players from that sithole. Looking at you Foden and Palmer at Chelsea.


Got to think that Luton will wise up quickly, at least they're scoring goals unlike the shite, wise up and points deduction could give us what we want 

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