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Klopp: We all have to work together and take care of each other to solve this problem

Jürgen Klopp believes by all working together, the world will be a much better place in the aftermath of the global health emergency that we are all living through.

It is often in the time of crisis where we often see the best of people wanting to help out each other and it has certainly been the case in terms of this global Covid-19 outbreak.

The catchphrase “‘We are all in this together’ has been often seen across social media platforms and conveyed by global leaders.

In terms of Football, Klopp who is an great humanitarian in his own right, has been widely praised by his view that Football and the fortunes of his own team be put on the back burner as we deal with something much more important.

The Mirror (via the Official site) published his poignant views on the current situation.

“In the future, in 10, 20, 30, 40 years, if we look back and the conclusion is that this was the period when the world showed the biggest solidarity, the biggest love, the biggest friendship or whatever, that would be great, that would be really great.

“So in the moment when you go through a phase or a period like this it’s not possible to see that, especially not for the people who are ill, but there will be a point in the future, a moment in the future when we look back and hopefully then we can see it like this.

“Because that’s the solution for it - we all have to be disciplined, we all have to work together, we all have to take care of each other and that’s the solution for this problem.”

Klopp maintained his line that 'Football is not the most important thing in the world', but said for people to see the players return to the pitch, they have to be disciplined in their everyday life.

“We said it now often enough, and I think everybody knows, football is not the most important thing in the world. One hundred per cent not. 

“In this moment it’s clear what is. 

“But the only way to get football back as soon as possible, if that’s what the people want, the more disciplined we are now the earlier we will get, piece by piece by piece, our life back. That’s how it is.

“We have to be disciplined by ourselves, we have to keep the distance to other people. 

“We can still do some things, not a lot, but we have to just calm down a little bit with things. 

“Yes, outside the economy has to carry on, that will start again. But the lower the number will be when we go out again, the number of people infected, that’s what I understand.

"There will be a moment when other smart people find a vaccine for the virus. But until then, we have to make sure we do the best possible for all the people out there. 

“You hear now more and more it’s not only the elderly and weaker - it’s not only that, there are younger people involved who can die of it as well.


"It’s not about that, it’s about just, show heart and a bit of sensibility and do the right thing: stay at home as long as we have to.

It was clear that Klopp got a tingle of excitement when he discussed a return to competitive action .



“At one point we will play football again as well, 100 per cent. I couldn’t wish more for it because of a few really good reasons, how you can imagine. 

“I can’t wait actually, but even I have to be disciplined and I try to be as much as I can.”

The German spoke about how he is spending his time away from the cut and thrust of Football management.

“ I watched a few movies – I watched the Taken trilogy again! 

"To be honest, that’s how it is – you do a lot of things you usually don’t do.


"I’m still in that period. Two weeks is long but it’s not that long.

Klopp said although this time in life is extreme in its severity and seriousness, it is also important to maintain a lighter side of life and he has enjoyed his players doing so.

“I tried the (Tiktok) dance of Ox! Not as bad as you probably think! 

“It’s very important in these times that we all show we take this situation seriously, but we are human beings. 

"You have to keep your own mood up and you have to keep the mood up for other people. 

"If the boys do anything on Instagram, as long as it’s in a legal frame I’m overly happy about it – it just shows they are still cheeky and all that stuff. 

“I like it, I like it a lot. I like the line-ups they do. 

“All these things are really funny. It’s good.”

It has been said many times before, but in desperately tough times like this, it just highlights what a special individual Jürgen is and how lucky we are to have him as our manager.


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