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Klopp: Milner is an example for us and everybody 

Jurgen Klopp believes that veteran James Milner remains a key member of his squad as the veteran clocked up another milestone in a storied Premier League career.


The definition of what it takes to be a successful professional footballer should have an image of the Yorkshireman alongside it as the midfielder ticks every box required to get to the appropriate level.


In a career spanning 20 years and less than two months from turning 37, Milner made his 600th Premier League appearance of his career and only becoming the fourth player after Gareth Barry (653,) Ryan Giggs (632), and Frank Lampard (609) to do so.


One of the people who admires him most in the game is Klopp and the Liverpool manager was glowing in his tribute in the aftermath of Liverpool’s 3-1 win against South (per the Official site).


“There are a lot of things that [need to] come together: you must be a really good player, which obviously James is, you must be a top, top, top, top, top professional because our body is our body and what we put in we get, pretty much. If it's too much it's not right, if it's not enough it's not right. If you do the right training, it's OK, if you do the wrong training, it's still training but it's not OK. 


"I am really proud to be around when he reached that milestone. He is an exceptional player and an exceptional person. He is essential for everything we reached in the last few years.





“Well deserved, big, but it's just Premier League? So that means with Champions League and all the cup competitions he is at 800 or so probably Wow, massive!


"A good career, let me say it like this. And not finished, how you could see. He is very helpful for us still. He knows everything about the game because [with] the emotions he is not always using the right tools, but he can set the tone. He did that when he came on today and I am really pleased for him.”


“He has won pretty much everything and [is] a role model for us and everybody.” 


The man himself was typically humble about the hallmark achievement and was quick to pay tribute to others that have helped him along the way.


"It’s a long time, you need a lot of luck, I’ve been very fortunate to play with a lot of very good players and managed to learn off those and the managers. It’s great to be still playing and hopefully contributing as much as I can at a club like Liverpool.


“Seeing people like Ben Doak come in and how well he played the other day, it’s pleasing to see that and that brings back a few memories as well. I remember being his age doing that as well.”

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